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Q1 2021 MHI Solutions: The Age of Robotics and Automation in the Supply Chain

Merging these robotics and automated solutions with other digital technologies like IoT, AI, advanced analytics, AR/VR and cloud computing grows the resiliency firms need and builds in the visibility necessary to deliver on ever-changing consumer demands as well as mitigating future shocks. This issue of MHI Solutions tackles this important topic to help you answer these questions with best practices, ...

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The New Age of Supply Chain Automation

By John Paxton, CEO, MHI The pandemic has thrown many challenges into supply chains, and rarely have leaders faced such complex and changing conditions. What COVID-19 revealed is that many supply chains grew brittle in their decades-long quest for cost-savings while others that invested in emerging technologies and risk-planning proved to be agile and resilient enough to survive, and even ...

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