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Q4 2019, MHI Solutions: Sustainability—On the Fast Track

CEO UPDATE: A New Era of Supply Chain Sustainability Is Rising * By George W. Prest, Chief Executive Officer, MHI  * Consumers are becoming more interested in making environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to their buying habits and the brands to which they are loyal. Studies have found anywhere from 80-85% of consumers are more likely to buy from ...

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A System of Systems to Guide the Development of Sustainable Solutions

A System of Systems to Guide the Development of Sustainable Solutions * By Bill Ferrell, Ph.D., PE, Fluor Professor of Industrial Engineering, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Clemson University * When you saw that this issue of MHI Solutions was focused on sustainability, what thought first crossed your mind? Reducing your carbon footprint? Adopting the right technology to effectively ...

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Rules of Engagement: Sustainability and CSR Initiatives Can Be Enticing

Corporate sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly important in recruiting talent, and companies are making ‘green’ or sustainability initiatives a core part of their supply chain strategy. * By Sarah B. Hood * As Millennials and their successors (“GenZ,” born around 2000) flood the workplace, employers with strong sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) records stand to win in the recruitment ...

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