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MHI Solutions Community Forms Software Subcommittee

MHI Solutions Community Software Subcommittee Will Help MHI Members Identify Software Solutions and Share Best Practices BY CHRISTIAN DOW, MHI EXECUTIVE VP OF MEMBERSHIP AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP In high school, they were sometimes called “software nerds” or “tech geeks,” but in the modern supply chain industry, software experts just might be the coolest kids in class. The digitization and automation ...

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Disruption Junction All too often, if you want to make something easier or better in the future, you may have to endure some major inconveniences in the present. That’s definitely true in the ever-evolving material-handling industry, where everyone must work together to minimize the disruption to existing operations while implementing major changes. * By John Paxton * There’s a reason ...

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Attracting, Training and Retaining the Next-Gen Workforce

Understanding Next-Gen’s expectations and what motivates them is helpful when brainstorming on ways to attract, train and retain them, and figuring out where their skills might best be utilized in your company. * By Mike Ogle * Next generation workforce. What do those words mean to you? The first thought is usually young people about to graduate from college or ...

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