MHI Solutions Community: Looking Forward to 75 More Years of Collaboration

On a timeline representing MHI’s rich 75-year history, the MHI Solutions Community doesn’t appear until almost the very end. But the group has made significant contributions to the industry in its short history, bringing together a variety of stakeholders and fostering an environment of collaboration. And if that history is any indication, the group’s work will continue to impact the industry over the next 75 years.

The MHI Solutions Community was formed in 2017, consolidating MHI’s Automated Solutions Group, Information Systems Solutions Group and Order Fulfillment Solutions Group into a single entity focused on engaging users of material handling equipment and addressing problems affecting the supply chain industry.

The MHI Solutions Community provides MHI a centralized place to better address the complex challenges facing the user community, instead of multiple groups working independently to identify and respond to common industry challenges. Having multiple groups often resulted in overlapping effort and confusion about which group would be best suited to address a particular challenge.

MHI Solutions Community members are the industry’s thought leaders on automation, software, hardware, equipment and services that support a fully integrated supply chain. The roster of more than 70 members includes suppliers, integrators, consultants, media, academia and end users, all collaborating to solve problems in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

Since its inception, the MHI Solutions Community has been a fixture at MHI’s Spring Meetings and Annual Conferences, as well as at ProMat and MODEX. At each major event, the group provides educational opportunities for end-users through panel discussions and presentations by subject matter experts.

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