MHI Solutions Community Forms Software Subcommittee

MHI Solutions Community
Software Subcommittee Will Help MHI Members Identify Software Solutions and Share Best Practices
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In high school, they were sometimes called “software nerds” or “tech geeks,” but in the modern supply chain industry, software experts just might be the coolest kids in class.

The digitization and automation of supply chain operations is helping warehouses and distribution centers deal with an array of challenges, including a national labor shortage, high turnover rates, rising labor costs, supply chain disruptions and the accelerated growth of e-commerce. The hardware often gets the headlines, with online videos of autonomous mobile robots, automated storage and retrieval systems, drones and automated guided vehicles showcasing the rapid advancement of technology in the industry.

But without the right software programs running the show, warehouses and DCs will struggle to unleash the full capabilities of their automated technology. Software programs tailored to each operation allow manufacturers, distributors and retailers to maximize throughput, find efficiencies and reduce costs.

Unless you’re a proud software nerd, however, finding and implementing the best software solutions probably sounds like a daunting task. That’s why the MHI Solutions Community has launched its Software Subcommittee, which was announced at MHI’s 2021 Annual Conference in Phoenix during October.

Ashley Rhodes, a software project engineer for MHI member Grenzebach Group will chair the committee, working with John Reichert, executive director of the MHI Solutions Community.

Reichert, senior director of SCE solutions for MHI member Tecsys, said Rhodes is an ideal candidate to lead the committee because she has extensive experience developing and implementing a wide range of software solutions, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s enthusiastic about a topic that many smart people find intimidating.

“Ashley raised her hand to volunteer, she’s extremely organized and she’s passionate about the initiative,” Reichert said. “She has a lot of good experience and works at an organization that uses software in a variety of ways, so she has a lot of resources internally that she can pull from.”

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MHI Solutions Community members are the industry’s thought leaders on automation, software, hardware, equipment and services that support a fully integrated supply chain. This includes suppliers, integrators, consultants, media, academia and users. They collaborate on solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

To enquire about participation in the Software Subcommittee, reach out to Christian Dow . To learn more about the MHI Solutions Community, visit