PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Educating Stakeholders on Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

By Stephen Murdoch

The Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) Subcommittee of the Conveyor and Sortation Systems Industry Group has been busy. The group, comprised of the industry’s leading suppliers of these unique vertical lifts, have prepared a comprehensive paper to serve as a brief introduction to VRCs: “VRC 101: Introduction to Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors.”

James Galante of MHI member Southworth Products Corp. feels the VRC 101 document will play an important role in educating industry stakeholders. “Being a very small segment of the conveyor industry and having a highly specialized product, it’s important to offer clarity. For the most part, VRCs are not universally known. The paper provides fundamental information of not only what a VRC is, but how it is used. This introduction may help someone determine if the product offers them a benefit to move material between two or more elevations,” he explained.

The director of business development for the Falmouth Portland, ME-based manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment, expects the group’s subcommittee efforts will lead to awareness, education and overall promotion of VRCs. “Most any market, any company that is moving material will benefit from the 101 document. There are a lot of products and companies to provide equipment to move materially horizontally, there are fewer companies and machines which move material vertically. VRCs have proven to be a highly efficient and economical technology to move material vertically while taking up relatively small space,” Galante said.

Since their introduction into the marketplace about 45 years ago, VRCs continue to see steady acceptance and growth. “Many folks have come to realize that VRCs offer several advantages when compared to other types of conveyances. Their small footprint has them using minimal floor space, which most times can be at a premium. Best of all, they are cost effective for high travel applications and long-term maintenance is minimal,” he concluded.

Director of sales and marketing from MHI member Autoquip, Louis Coleman, expects the paper to provide a strong overview of VRCs. “What they are and what they provide for manufacturers, distributers and retailers is concisely outlined. Unfortunately, too many people don’t understand what a VRS is. This paper gives a clear and concise overview of VRCs worldwide use in a variety of industrial, commercial and industrial operating environments,” he said.

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