The Connected Worker

Supply Chains Transforming to Improve Worker Productivity, Experience and Safety
john paxton


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With the rapidly growing workforce challenges of recruiting and retaining talent, firms are continuing to look for solutions by implementing automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other technologies. These tools not only empower and support frontline workforce with the collaboration they need to perform at higher levels of efficiency and quality—they also improve worker safety and ultimately greater worker satisfaction. These technologies also build in process resiliency that allows companies the ability to adjust to fluctuating demands and to overcome workforce challenges.

These trends represent a technology transformation and support a culture that encourages a safety-first and worker-first environment while improving performance and the overall experience for both workers and customers.

Combining new technologies and a culture of safety will lead to greater efficiency, lower injury rates and fewer workers’ compensation claims, and improved employee retention and productivity, as workers stay healthy, have a better overall experience and gain confidence by working with these technologies.

Safety has always been a priority in this industry, but now there are new opportunities to combine technology and workers to support that safety priority. Putting your workers first requires more than technology, it requires strong leadership and a multi-dimensional approach including those technology tools, strong collaboration and clear communications programs across the extended value chain of internal team members, suppliers and contractors.

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As firms strive to overcome the workforce challenges, supply chain leaders know that their workforce continues to be their most valuable asset. The priority of keeping them safe and productive—regardless of the fluctuations of demand or disruptions—will improve the overall employee experience. As such, your workforce must remain at the center of any technology integration.

The Q4 2021 issue of MHI Solutions covers a variety of current topics, including technology and performance metrics, as well as workforce topics on safety, ergonomics, DEI, culture, leadership and remote work. I hope it helps to supply the information and resources you need to ensure the safety and efficiency of your connected supply chain workforce.