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MHI Solutions Community Forms Software Subcommittee

MHI Solutions Community Software Subcommittee Will Help MHI Members Identify Software Solutions and Share Best Practices BY CHRISTIAN DOW, MHI EXECUTIVE VP OF MEMBERSHIP AND INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP In high school, they were sometimes called “software nerds” or “tech geeks,” but in the modern supply chain industry, software experts just might be the coolest kids in class. The digitization and automation ...

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Rethinking Retail Stores’ Footprint in the Age of Curbside Pickup

By Christian Dow The wall separating the front of a retail store from the back of the building is the line of scrimmage, and due to the pandemic, the back of the store is marching downfield with momentum while the front of the store gives up ground. That’s the message from supply chain experts who are helping retailers adjust to ...

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MHI SOLUTIONS COMMUNITY: Automation Can Alleviate Growing Pains in E-Grocery Segment

By Christian Dow For high-end grocery chains seeking to provide a premium customer experience, it’s always a bad thing when customers are outnumbered in the aisles by fast-moving order pickers who often outcompete them for the same product inventory. Whether those order pickers are representing third parties such as Instacart or Shipt or are store employees hired during the pandemic ...

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