2023 MHI Innovation Award Finalists Announced

mhiMHI released the list of finalists for the 2023 MHI Innovation Award. After receiving 156 submissions for this year’s awards, judges comprised of professionals from the material handling and supply chain industry completed the initial vetting process. Four finalists were chosen as the most innovative products in each category—Best New Innovation; Best Innovation of an Existing Product; and Best IT Innovation based on concept, value and impact.

Best New Innovation:

Company • Product • Booth Number

Agility Robotics • Digit, a Human-Centric Robot • S1031

Berkshire Grey Inc. • Project GreyWolf-A Berkshire Grey & Locus Robotics Solution • N6707

OPEX Corporation • OPEX® Infinity™ AS/RS System • S2712

Packsize International Inc. • X5 • S3547

Best Innovation of an Existing Product:

Company • Product • Booth Number

Geekplus America, Inc. • PopPick • N7307/N7507

HAI Robotics U.S.A. Inc. • A42T Autonomous Case-picking Robot • N7900

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc. • SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper • S3350

Vanderlande Industries, Inc. • ADAPTO Shuttle • S603

Best IT Innovation:

Company • Product • Booth Number

FORTNA • FORTNA OptiSlot DC Featuring Digital Twin Technology • S1947

Lucas Systems, Inc. • Lucas Systems Dynamic Work Optimization • S3775

OneRack • OneRack • S2882

Synkrato • Synkrato warehouse digital twin • N6256

The MHI Innovation Award serves to educate and provide valuable insights on the latest manufacturing and supply chain products and services to ProMat attendees. ProMat 2023 exhibitors were called to submit a new product, product line, technology or service or new application of existing products or technology that create quantifiable and sustainable results in terms of ROI, cost savings, customer satisfaction, etc.

On Monday March 20, finalists will present their unique solutions to a panel of judges on the show floor at ProMat 2023. The winners in each category will be announced at ProMat on March 22 during MHI Industry Night with Nate Bargatze.

To see more information and learn more about all of the Innovation Award submissions, view the submissions below or visit www.promatshow.com/innovation-awards.

Best New Innovation

Addverb Technologies Pvt Ltd. [Booth: N7168]


Medius is an automated and highly dynamic shuttle system that performs the function of storage and retrieval on multiple levels. Medius enables agile ergonomic order fulfillment processes that increase both storage capacity and delivery speed. It’s a perfect balance of Quadron, a carton shuttle system, ASRS crane and price to customers.

Addverb Technologies Pvt Ltd. [Booth: N7168]


SortIE is a fast-moving scalable solution for rapid and efficient order fulfillment. Unlike any robot in the warehouse automation industry, SortIE requires no human intervention and can increase productivity by up to 450 sorts per hour. “IE” in the name stands for “Intelligently” and “Efficiently”.

Agility Robotics [Booth: S1031]

Digit, a Human-Centric Robot

Digit is the world’s first commercially available, multi-purpose, human-centric robot. Digit represents an entirely new phase of robotic automation.

ARC by ChargeItSpot [Booth: N6139]


ARC’s intelligent locker system allows users to report device damage when they return the device, preventing non-working devices from going back into circulation for the next user.

We’ve also built predictive software that allows lockers or devices to be proactively put out of service when issues are detected so employees are only presented with devices that are charged and fully functional.

A-SAFE INC [Booth: S1041]

A-SAFE StepBumper

StepBumper’s innovation comes from its simple application and installation, the engineering involved in its bounce-back design, which gives it incredible durability, and the use of Monoplex, a highly elastic yet durable polymer that delivers strength and resilience. Taken all together, StepBumper is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution to improve safety in a high-traffic environment.

AutoStore [Booth: N7500]


The PickUpPort delivers tremendous value by allowing retailers to provide a frictionless omnichannel shopping experience for customers that is entirely unique, the result of direct interaction with AutoStore technology. Now, shoppers can opt for an in-store pickup that is fast, simple and effective.

Balyo Inc. [Booth: N8710]


In addition to all of its onboard intelligence for completely autonomous pallet placing and retrieval, the BALYO VEENY is the first VNA to reach a height of 17m.

Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company [Booth: S1203]

ML2 Mini Load AV (autonomous vehicle)

An independent drive suspension system, true ZTR (zero turn radius) and bi-directional travel makes the ML2 unlike any other mini load vehicle on the market. Equipped with modular payload deck configuration options, the ML2 can accommodate a wide array of tasks and payload needs.

Berkshire Grey Inc. [Booth: N6707]

Project GreyWolf-A Berkshire Grey & Locus Robotics Solution

Project GreyWolf illustrates the future of robotics today by marrying the robotics automation expertise of two industry leaders into an innovative, no-compromise solution for retail and e-commerce fulfillment. This solution represents the industry’s first example of true cross-platform automation interoperability through the integration of Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (RSPWi) and Locus Robotics’ Origin and Vector autonomous mobile robots (AMR) into a coordinated and seamless solution.

Blue Yonder [Booth: S3380]

Adaptive Fulfillment & Warehousing solutions

The software services are scalable, allowing quicker time-to-value, measured in weeks for a pilot site and days for subsequent activations. The adaptive nature of these services manifests in the ability to fit the fulfillment needs of large urban hubs, retail stores, stockrooms and any combination of such sites. Coupled with the Blue Yonder Network and last-mile partners, Adaptive Fulfillment & Warehousing offers high-speed, high-volume options, including buy online pick up in store (BOPIS), curbside pickup and same-day delivery.

Boplan USA Inc. [Booth: N241]


FLIP PLUS is made with Novilene®, the highest grade of polymer material available. It is the perfect combination with BOPLAN’s unique slide-over tube system—this results in collision protection solutions that have the highest impact resistance rates on the market to protect pedestrians.

Bosch Rexroth Corp. [Booth: S1998]

Smart Flex Effector

The Smart Flex Effector provides a tactile sense of touch to the robot application, essentially emulating the abilities of a human hand. A digital twin of your robotic operation can also be created from the multitudes of real-time data available from the device, providing complete process transparency.

CaPow [Booth: N8246]

CaPow Genesis

CaPow Genesis is a first-of-its-kind energy solution that allows power transfer while the robot is moving. The technology breakthrough supports constant energy flow to moving vehicles while maintaining very high efficiency.

Coevolution Technology [Booth: N7530]

COPICK Smart Warehouse Solution

CoEvolution’s RCS (robot control system) supports to integrate different robots of any brand, any type and any navigation method in one map.

Combilift [Booth: N6936]

Aisle Master Order Picker (AME-OP)

The Aisle-Master OP is the first stand on operated articulated forklift. The truck gives the ability to order pick and also operate as a high lift forklift in narrow aisles. The position of the operator at the center of the truck, alongside the low entry and exit step, is designed to facilitate the order picking applications, where the operator must frequently enter and exit the vehicle while carrying out picking tasks. The entry and exit path are designed to allow easy access to the pallet while in a narrow aisle. The OP has design copyright for the step-through operator compartment. The truck has a joystick control that allows for traction and hydraulic controls in one hand, and also incorporates the Aisle-Masters patented chain steer system that allows the truck to over-articulate the load to gain the minimum aisle width possible and provide a robust and reliable solution.

Combilift [Booth: N6936]

Combilift Slip Sheet (Combi CSS)

The Combi-CSS is a free-standing, electric-powered, semi-automated machine for loading and unloading of 20′,40′, 45′ and 53′ containers. It features a container-chassis docking system and a bi-direction horizontally moving Hardox® Steel Slip-Sheet with a capacity of 65,000 lbs, and allows a full load of product to be prepared on the Hardox® plate and loaded into the container. The Combi-CSS loads 20′ containers in just three minutes (and six for a 40′ container) and allows for reduced product handling and lift-truck utilization, increasing safety and reducing product damage.

Contoro Robotics [Booth: N9710]

Contoro Robot

Contoro’s technology will unlock the unlimited potential of teleoperation—the ability to remotely control robots from anywhere in the world. Contoro’s approach uses various AI technologies and allows human operators to help in situations where the AI fails. The AI continues to learn from those human interactions, enhancing its automation abilities over time. The technology can be applied to many industries, such as warehouse, factories, agriculture, home and office services. Contoro desires to solve labor problems in previously impossible applications by combining robotics and human intelligence.

Covariant [Booth: N6951]

Covariant Robotic Putwall

The unmatched autonomous performance and accuracy of the Covariant Robotic Putwall is enabled by the Covariant Brain—deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) pre-trained on billions of data points that enable robots to autonomously pick and place items on Day One. And with fleet learning, all connected Covariant robots around the world learn and improve over time. The Covariant Brain combined with the robotic system design ensures high sustained performance.

Definitive Technology Group [Booth: S2980]

DTG Load Planner PowerStation

Cargo, logistics and freight companies are looking for ways to be more efficient with load planning. DTG Load Planner PowerStations not only accelerate the load planning process, but also ensure better accuracy given that it enables processes to be done at the point of task, saving time, reducing costs and creating a safer work environment.

Delta Electronics, Inc. [Booth: N7129]

Delta MOOVair 30 kW Wireless Charging System

Delta’s MOOVair 30 kW Wireless Charging System is the first industrial wireless charging solution of its power level. Thanks to Delta’s proprietary wireless communication protocol plus third-party patented contactless power transfer technology, it initiates charging automatically and boasts wall plug to battery efficiency at up to 95%. The built-in CAN Open and Ethernet connectivity enables integration with smart warehouse or factory management systems for improved visibility of the charging data. Delta’s MOOVair 30 kW Wireless Charging System is the must-have system to smartify your industrial vehicles in the Industry 4.0 era.

EnerSys [Booth: S612]

NexSys® AIR Wireless Charger

NexSys® AIR wireless chargers for AGVs and forklifts reduce dependence on personnel, eliminating the need for manual plug-ins. NexSys® AIR wireless chargers are flexible and work with common equipment, voltages and battery types—enabling each charger to service a variety of equipment.

Ethium by EControls [Booth: N8532]

Ethium Lithium-Ion Battery & IoT Device

We exist to conquer complexity and stand behind every one of our products. Our batteries and IoT devices allow for unprecedented safety, unparalleled performance and provide exemplary after-sale support to catalyze our customers’ success.

Fives Intralogistics Corp. [Booth: S3341]

GENI-Ride™ Small Parcel Sorter

Parcel sorters have historically been designed for standard six-sided boxes/cartons, aka “cuboids,” with flat, non-slip surfaces. The advent and growth of e-commerce dramatically increased the breadth of item size and shape distribution, including much smaller, lighter and more slippery and dimensionally unstable items. Sorting technology and equipment design has yet to fully catch up for these items…until now.

ForwardX Robotics [Booth: N7352]

Apex C1500-L Autonomous Forklift

ForwardX’s Apex autonomous forklifts are the only forklifts capable of fully integrating with your existing systems and equipment. Using its deep-learning computer-vision approach, Apex collaborates with other forklifts, AMR fleets and/or automation solutions to achieve fully unmanned material movement workflows.

Fulfilld [Booth: N8730SP]


Digital-twin location-aware ultra-wide band (UWB) powered warehouse management orchestration platform leveraging AI/ML for real-time proactive system directed tasking between human and connected devices.

Galaxis Technology Group [Booth: N6333]

GALAXIS Four Way Shuttle (FWS)

FWS (Four Way Shuttle) is an excellent innovative logistics robot product. This robot can run in four directions in the plane. It can achieve layer change through the cooperation of the lift installed at the end of the aisle, which can each shuttle arrive at any storage location.

The birth of the shuttle car provides a very effective solution for intensive storage and quick disassembly and picking. It is a major innovation in logistics equipment technology. Its appearance breaks through the bottleneck of the access system in terms of autonomous scheduling, path optimization, system efficiency and space constraints miniload and multi-shuttle. FWS four-way shuttle is widely used in many industries such as e-commerce, shoes and clothing, medicine, automobiles, new energy, semiconductors, etc., providing a new generation of modular, flexible and scalable solutions for various industries.

Garlock Safety Systems [Booth: S4223]

PalletFlow Pro – Fall Prevention Gate System

The PalletFlow Pro does not have swing gates, no pull up or down gates, nor does it require personnel involvement. The Gate simply folds down in between pallet rollers when the Bay is charged and then back upright when a pallet is not in place, rendering the position/bay as having a compliant fall prevention system.

Green Cubes Technology [Booth: S1761]

Green Cubes Technology Lithium SAFEFlex Charger

Green Cubes is the only manufacturer to offer enterprises both Lithium-ion batteries and affiliated chargers to the material handling industry, thus simplifying the electrification of material handling equipment. This charger has the industry’s highest energy density and efficiency with the smallest footprint, and can charge three trucks simultaneously.

GreyOrange Inc. [Booth: S3353]

gStore by GreyOrange

The gStore SaaS software provides inventory management solutions—using real-time data, reduces costs through ship-from-store fulfillment, and improves in-store productivity—by assisting staff with product location for easy retrieval for customers, assigning specific staff tasks and efficiently communicating staff processes.

Guangdong Jaten Robot & Automation Co., Ltd. [Booth: N9425]

Jaten Multifunctional Natural Navigation AGV

The vehicle is equipped with a jacking mechanism at the top, utilizes E-shaped opening design in the middle, and has front and rear navigation and obstacle avoidance radar, enabling it to fulfill functions like carrying, lifting and towing at the same time. It can load up to 2,000 kg, with a stopping accuracy of ±10mm, and has features like forward, backward, in-situ rotation and direction switching. It provides customers with cost-effective, multi-functional and innovative AGV options.

Guangdong Tuskrobots Co., Ltd [Booth: N7939]

Automated Pallet-Handling Robot

Original mechanical structure design, with retractable and liftable fork arm module, can directly carry ground pallets without racking, reducing construction cost and difficulty, which is unique in the market. It can be directly docked with manual forklift and hoist to realize the lifting of goods from the ground to a certain height to meet the docking demand with the conveying line and can be docked with the robot to meet the needs of the unmanned scenario of depalletization. The E Series Pallet Robot system platform software follows the design principles of standardization, modularization and visualization, and supports dominant browsers on the market such as WINDOWS and Linux, providing powerful backup monitoring software for the robot to perform inspection tasks. The addition of QR code navigation and SLAM navigation function makes large-scale cluster scheduling more convenient.

HWACHANG Intralogistics Technology Co, LTD [Booth: S5112]

4-way shuttle ASRS SLS600 series

The 4-way shuttle ASRS SLS600 series can not only adapt to the throughput request under normal circumstances, but also fulfill short term peak throughput request for particular zone. This solution solves the problem of overinvestment only for short term peak request.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc. [Booth: S3350]

Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS)

As a glimpse into the automated dock of the future, the Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS) delivers lifesaving No Boots on the Ground® automation to the busy loading dock. Easily installed, simply deployed, the GMTS is an efficiency upgrade that pays for itself in labor and time savings.

Infor (US), LLC [Booth: S4068]

Infor Nexus Control Center

Nucleus Research, in its September 2022 Control Tower Technology Value Matrix report, noted that, “Infor [Nexus Control Center] differentiates itself due to its sense-and-respond functionality that combines the Infor Nexus network with [Infor] Coleman AI to identify bottlenecks, predict exceptions and provide fixes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.” According to the Value Matrix report, “Offering predictive insights, intelligent decision support and collaborative execution, Infor Nexus enhances and automates Control Tower decision-making. Control Center accelerates transportation processes, adjusts procurement and distribution plans, and surfaces and responds to disruptions in real time.”

Intralox [Booth: S1241]

Intralox® SmartPath™ Singulator and Gapper

The SmartPath Singulator and Gapper is the first and only machine to combine the two functions into one with a single driven conveying surface and activation zones smaller than the typical e-commerce package. Adding this machine to a sortation process results in the most compact, precise and labor-efficient total e-commerce loading, singulation, gapping and sorting solution available.

IPC Mobile. [Booth: S2998]

HaloRing – Wearable Scanner

Key distinction—this solution is operated by a single thumb, giving the operator both their hands back to carry, move, write, pick up or whatever their role may require. This was designed to allow operators to work on the edge and let data flow back to the enterprise, and is fitting for IIoT initiatives.

JLT Mobile Computers [Booth: S3275]

JLT Insights™

JLT Insights™ leverages modern technologies—such as IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing—and takes the capabilities of typical forklift IT management suites one step further by adding vehicle dynamics into the data pool. Broader insights and statistics give operators the scope to further optimize daily operations, widen the positive impact of proactive procedures, reduce risk and boost health and safety. There are multiple possibilities: Combine impacts with location to ascertain higher safety risk areas and/or physical bottlenecks; combine impacts with time to identify shift-based patterns; combine time and location to highlight overly long local dwell times or heavy traffic areas. All of this in addition to basic IT metrics!

K.Hartwall [Booth: N6945]

A-MATE® Counter

K. Hartwall’s A-MATE® Counter is the world’s most compact AMR counterbalanced truck for pallets and lattice boxes with a practice-oriented payload of 1 ton.

KCI Technologies [Booth: N9714]


KCI’s soon-to-be-released RoboFlat will lead the industry with its cloud-based solution for quickly and accurately testing concrete floor flatness for warehouses and distribution centers that use robotic systems.

Keyence Corporation [Booth: N10119]

Keyence DX Series Handheld Computer

The KEYENCE DX Series goes beyond typical barcode scanners by providing multiple innovative design configurations all compatible with a standardized device that satisfies the requirements for increasingly complex applications and efficiency-conscious worksites. This handheld computer can improve operations and productivity in any application.

Kindred [Booth: N7125]

Kindred INDUCT

Kindred INDUCT is a high-speed, AI-powered robotic workcell that automates the induction process. Using artificial intelligence, INDUCT becomes smarter, faster and more efficient over time and has inducted up to 2,000 units per hour in real-world supply chain environments.

Kivnon Logistica S.L. [Booth: N7154]


This AGV/AMR model is the perfect solution for automating the transport of palletized medium loads at heights. Perfectly designed to adapt to all types of pallets and pallet-compatible containers, reception and dispatch of goods and internal material transport. In addition, this stacker allows to optimize properly the storage space and improves process efficiency. Because of its IoT capabilities, our device is cutting-edge. Its open interface allows us to adapt to both Kivnon’s own systems and those of third parties without conditioning the client to use a particular or specific system, allowing for an independent approach. Collecting data on all operations, analyzing production capacity and optimizing procedures.

Koerber Supply Chain LLC [Booth: S1547]


Koerber Supply Chain Logistics’ VarioPick combines a state-of-the-art AI-based vision system with a highly efficient, flexible robotic solution for dynamic item extraction. Deep learning technology is used to precisely identify shape and position of the objects. The robot is capable of determining the optimal gripping point of the non-machinable consignments.

Leopard Systems [Booth: N10216]

Leopard Cube

Leopard Cube is a cost-effective, legal-for-trade portable dimensional cubing solution that stops revenue leakage caused by non-conveyable, oversized, under-declared and ugly freight. Through integration with the latest wearable and sensor technology, Leopard Cube also delivers freight-measurement efficiency for high volume sites.

Longbow Advantage [Booth: S4475]

Rebus® Labor Planning

Rebus Labor Planning is the only LMS-agnostic labor planning solution on the market with access to years of archived data across the entire warehouse footprint, regardless of location or the number of disparate WMS or LMS systems a company is using.

Mujin [Booth: N7568]


QuickBot is an innovative solution for depalletizing in warehouses because it combines all the necessary components for a fully automated depalletizing solution with one of the most intelligent robotic automation systems on the market. In addition to a robot arm and vision system, it includes: a pre-installed safety system, a retractable conveyor on a rail and a pneumatically driven telescoping vision stand, all of which come installed on a single metal baseplate, making it an easy to deploy, versatile and space-efficient solution for warehouse automation.

Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. [Booth: N8139]

Multiway X1 Autonomous Forklift

  • One instruction for unlimited use.
  • User-defined commission.
  • Multi-device user task assigning.
  • Smart cloud-based O&M management system.
  • Auto charging system.
  • Low cost and high return indicate cost-effectiveness.

New Age Industrial Corporation, Inc. [Booth: S4312]

Space Saving Raised Platform Pallet for Picking & Inventory-New Age Industrial Model #51901

It is smaller, lighter and easier to handle than traditional picking platforms and it’s specifically designed with safety in mind. This dual-purpose item is used for both small item picking and inventory management.

Numina Group Inc. [Booth: S3718]


Pakt™ includes predeveloped automation modules that eliminate bottlenecks and wasted labor in the pack-and-ship operation. Pakt is designed with scale in mind—it is modularly built with:

  • in-line conveyor
  • weight and vision quality checking
  • automated insertion of pack slip documentation
  • carton scanning, weighing and dimensioning
  • auto-manifesting
  • auto print and apply labeling
  • automated sorting

Pakt™ can accommodate operations of all sizes, providing a 350% to 700% reduction in labor usage and over, achieving up to 1,800 cartons per hour throughput capacity.

OPEX Corporation [Booth: S2712]

OPEX® Infinity™ AS/RS System

The next generation in goods-to-person technology, OPEX® Corporation’s Infinity™ automated storage and retrieval system combines unparalleled storage density, configurability and flexibility with the full capabilities of the Cortex™ software platform to power business now and in the future.

OTTO Motors [Booth: N7537]

OTTO Lifter

As one of the only forklift AMRs on the market, OTTO Lifter fills a crucial industry gap through autonomous path planning and job execution from start to finish, unlocking new pallet transport workflows for the industry, while simultaneously navigating through dynamic, complex environments autonomously.

Packsize International LLC [Booth: S3547]


A fully-automated On Demand Packaging system, the X5 significantly enhances the ability to meet customer requirements and resolve labor and associated costs while improving packaging speed to address variable shipping requirements. Automatically and accurately applies up to two labels per box while maintaining machine throughput and performance. Delivers up to 600 ready-to-pack, right-sized erected boxes per hour.

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. [Booth: N6036]

Pineberry InstaPrint Direct Labelling Solution for Poly bags/Mailers/Cartons/Mailers

The Pineberry InstaPrint automates the product handling and printing process by playing into the integration and multi-functional capabilities of the InstaPrint, which results in greater efficiency and higher profitability for all businesses, including large brand owners or commercial printers.

Plug Power Inc. [Booth: S4559]

GenDrive 1600-80 CEH, Fuel Cell for 80V Class 1 lift trucks

Plug’s next generation fuel cell metal stack increases warehouse productivity thanks to its higher power density, high voltage output and longer lifetime. Powered by Green Hydrogen, carbon-free from its origin via Plug’s electrolyzers, it is a safe and zero emissions power source for high utilization fleets.

PMG Labels LP [Booth: N10127]

BrandSecureSystem by PMG Labels LP

The Brand Secure System means double protection against counterfeiting, for the manufacturer and the end consumer. This is particularly important for products and brands that require reliable protection against professional counterfeiting. Through our system, we enable end consumers to independently check for the original. In addition, the consumer’s brand experience is enhanced, and their loyalty to the brand is increased.

ProGlove [Booth: S4971]


MARK 3 is a unique multi-range barcode scanner for indoor and outdoor applications. It enables users to effortlessly scan any barcode from 4 inches to 20 feet with no need to adjust.

Qimarox [Booth: S2616]

Highrunner HR9

The Highrunner HR9 makes it possible to automate the unloading processes for companies by using a smart pattern generator with integrated 3D scanner allowing the palletizer to be operated by anyone—no skills, experience or knowledge is needed.

Rack Collapse Prevention Ltd. (RCP) [Booth: N9823]

Rack Collapse Prevention

Designed to flex and suitable for earthquake-prone countries, it can be added at racking installation or retrofitted and can be adjusted to suit changing need, and unlike other safety systems, it supports from above and eliminates the risk of progressive racking collapse.

Resonant Link, Inc. [Booth: N9428]

400 A Wireless Charging for Lift Trucks

Charging for material handling equipment is a constant struggle, with human error, safety issues and excess costs plaguing the industry. But alternatives like conventional wireless charging solutions have fallen short, too, offering limited parking flexibility and low power output, so they simply won’t work with manually-operated vehicles or with the high-power levels needed to recharge quickly and efficiently. Resonant Link has changed all of this with the world’s fastest and most reliable wireless charging for lift trucks—made with industry-leading safety, to be easy for lift operators, remote operators and autonomous vehicles to use, and to be on par with wired in terms of speed and cost.

Ricoh Electronics [Booth: S3284]

Laser Rewritable Labeling System

The Laser Rewritable Labeling System makes it possible to print, erase and reprint human-readable information as well as a variety of barcodes and characters onto pre-applied labels affixed to plastic totes. This system incorporates a fully automated, labor and cost-saving labeling process, with multiple sustainability benefits by eliminating paper labels and their inherent issues from reusable containers used in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and food distribution centers.

RightHand Robotics, Inc. [Booth: N8107]

RightPick™ 3 with the Suction Cup Swapper

The new SCS module for RightPick™ 3 makes it easy to use a variety of suction cups to pick an even wider range of products at rates and reliability levels suitable for production use. It supports the staging of multiple suction cups to optimize for handling of small, mid-sized, big and bagged items. The swapper system is easy to use by design with automated calibration features and data tracking to monitor picking performance by SKU and cup type.

Scott Automation + Robotics [Booth: N10511]

Outdoor AGV Advancement

This AGV is an integrated solution that ensures that any material that is adversely affected by changes in temperature or humidity can be moved from building to building without risking the native state of the product. With a 7,000 lb. capacity, the AGV can climb a 6% grade. Various levels of temperature control and protection are available.

SiB Solutions Inc. [Booth: N9830]

Intelligent Video and AI Services from SiB Solutions

The subscription-based services are available through SiB Solutions’ logtech platform, that connects native logistics know-how with software, hardware and intelligence to enable flawless logistics. Today we utilize advanced technologies, including Cloud computing, Edge computing, IIoT, smart analysis and video to create “logistical superpowers” that eliminate errors and stop loss for our clients.

SICK [Booth: S3831]


It is the first product in SICK’s 3D safety portfolio that will continue to grow, and it is also the first of its kind on the market.

Slip Robotics [Booth: N6739]

The Slip Robot

Slip Robotics provides a unique application of large AMRs (the Slip Robot) that can handle uneven dock and trailer floors with heavy payloads to reduce trailer loading and unloading time. The AMR-based approach allows for more flexibility for customers.

SnapFulfil [Booth: S2988]

SnapControl—Multiagent Orchestration Platform

By extending the robust and flexible rules engine in the Tier1 WMS solution SnapFulfil, the SnapControl multiagent orchestration platform deploys a fully integrated solution in under 60 days and can add other new devices and systems in days, not months. Customers benefit from the rapid speed to value, and robot OEMs benefit by being able to recognize revenue in weeks, not months or years.

SOTI Inc. [Booth: S4072]


Without having the device physically in your hands, it can be difficult for IT teams to support and diagnose issues. However, SOTI XSight enables businesses of all sizes to fix problems faster, get total visibility on device performance, solve current issues and protect against future ones—all remotely. With SOTI XSight, organizations can make smarter decisions regarding their business-critical mobile strategy.

sSy.ai [Booth: N8830SP]

sSy.ai Advance Computer Vision for Operation Improvements.

The transformation of ubiquitous cameras adds a new cost-efficient, API-agnostic and superior alternative to sensor technology and data harvesting. Eventually, computer vision-powered data extraction will feed dynamic environments like RTLS-based WMS/WES (Gartner), LM’s, IIot, Industry 4.0 or Digital Twins.

Stow US Inc. [Booth: N6065]

Multi-Climate Autonomous Mobile Robot (Freezer, Chilled, Ambient)

The problem when it comes to mobile automation moving between the multiple climates (ambient, chilled, freezer) is an age-old one—the technology to move between multiple temperatures and climates just doesn’t exist—until now! The problem has long been the sensitivity of sensor technology and the buildup of condensation moving from the cold to warm climate.

Third Wave Automation [Booth: N6151]

Third Wave Automation Reach & Collaborative Autonomy Platform

Bringing people and automation together via shared autonomy, Third Wave combines multimode vehicles and intelligent fleet management, providing materials handling solutions that improve over time.

Toshiba America Business Solutions [Booth: S456]

Toshiba Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer—DL1024

A first of its kind—combining two significant features into one printer—Toshiba’s industry-disrupting printer produces dual-sided labels with zero liner waste in the process.

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas, Inc. [Booth: S4575]

Trelleborg XP1000

Trelleborg delivers maximum performance and minimum waste with its new XP1000 tire solution.

Treston Inc. [Booth: N6339]

Treston BiOX

The carbon-neutral material for Treston BiOX bins is over 90% wood-based renewable material, residue from pulp production process and cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests. Treston BiOX is the first bioplastic, wood-based storage bin for the industry.

Treston Inc. [Booth: N6339]

Treston Quick Edge Workstation

Workstation height is adjusted with a completely new, innovative and user-friendly mechanism. The patent-pending height adjustment solution minimizes the height adjustment time between handled items and makes daily work more fluid, efficient and ergonomic.

Vecna Robotics [Booth: N7133]

Vecna CPJ

Vecna Robotics is transforming the logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and warehouse industries with its innovative new CPJ, designed to automate the micro-workflows that automation has left behind. Its comprehensive features increase worker throughput by up to 45% by optimizing such labor-intensive workflows as waste/dunnage retrieval, empty pallet, tote/cart consolidation, pick-to-packout and other manual tasks in tight spaces.

Vector Security Networks [Booth: S2995]

Forklift Multi-Sensor Video Solution

This innovative product allows for a true 360-degree view when mounted to the roof of the forklift/orderpicker truck, recording the actions of both the forklift and its operator. The technology will give DC operations, safety, risk management and loss prevention teams unprecedented access to video—in areas with no or limited-view cameras at facilities—allowing them to better manage their business and immediately improve both productivity and safety; and address compliance-related issues.

VisionNav Robotics [Booth: N7563]

VNP15 (counterbalance stacker AGV)

By utilizing advanced 3D technology, VNP15 enables cost-effective material handling for various carriers in a wide range of application scenarios.

Wiferion North American Inc. [Booth: N8318]

etaLINK 12000

With our technology, users will never need to worry again about supplying power to their vehicle fleet. They will no longer have to cope with empty batteries and vehicles left idle. At the same time, productivity increases to an unprecedented level.

Worldwide Material Handling Products, LLC [Booth: S1780]


ProDeck50 is the industry’s first single piece of pallet rack decking that is smooth and flat, so it won’t snag or tear items like traditional shelving. In addition, it has a 50% open surface area to meet NFPA 13 fire and sprinkler codes.

Yale Material Handling Corporation [Booth: S1003]

Yale Reliant™ operator assistance technologies

While some competitive systems only offer beeps or lights, with Yale Reliant, the operator can feel the performance reduction and the system triggers an alert to provide additional reaction time and the reason for the intervention, all while keeping the operator in control of the truck. And, while some other systems may implement standard speed reductions, Yale Reliant takes this a step further with the ability to apply a tailored, controlled deceleration.

Best Innovation of an Existing Product

Ambi Robotics [Booth: N7757]

AmbiSort A-Series v3

The AmbiSort A-Series v3 is the industry’s most dexterous parcel sorting system, combining cutting-edge simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) AI with modular hardware configurations to revolutionize the way global supply chain enterprises operate. With the option to choose between bin-fed item induction or conveyor-fed item induction, both configurations have been deployed in commercial production in 2022, increasing associate throughput 4x for last-mile sortation, with over 99% order accuracy to the end-consumer.

Bosch Rexroth Corp. [Booth: S1998]

ctrlX COREplus X3

The ctrlX COREplus X3 is the newest iteration of the ctrlX CORE with higher performance in the compact module people expect from ctrlX AUTOMATION. The functional expansions allow horizontal (internal machine) and vertical (production network and cloud) machine integration and open new opportunities for users in terms of connectivity and networking.

Caja Robotics [Booth: N7544]

Caja Robotics Software

The Caja Robotics warehouse automation software is a one-of-a-kind innovation that enables users to consistently and accurately adapt to the ever-changing needs of both business and warehouse environments. Caja’s intelligent AI-powered software controls nearly every aspect of warehouse operations and processes in real-time, delivering optimal efficiency, and even greater ROIs.

Caljan Inc. [Booth: S4749]

Caljan SLAM Line Flying Applicator

Caljan SLAM Line Flying Applicator, the newest labeling system in our range, prints and applies up to 2,400 labels per hour at exact X, Y, Z coordinates—even when packages are positioned randomly on the conveyor belt.

Dematic [Booth: S1503]

Dematic AGV Insights

Eliminate downtime and manage your AGV system from anywhere in the world with Dematic AGV Insights.

Emerson | SolaHD [Booth: N9814]

SolaHD™ SCP-X Series Standalone IP67 Power Supplies by Emerson

IP67-rated SCP-X Series power supplies can be mounted almost anywhere on a machine, conveyor, or wall, with no enclosure required. Quick-connect cables ensure the IP67 rating and eliminate costly wiring.

EuroSort Inc. [Booth: S3326]

Eurosort Cross Tray Sorter

The EuroSort Cross Tray Sorter is based on the mantra “If it fits, it sorts.” Utilizing a patent pending, mechanically driven, two-sided discharge, with active walls forming a “pocket” in the tray, the Cross-Tray Sorter builds on the basic principle of a traditional Cross Belt Sorter while drastically improving the function and performance. The mechanical discharge decreases complexity, cost, energy usage and footprint, while the “pocket” in the tray allows for increased accuracy and a larger range of sortable products including round and cylindrical items. Regardless of shape, every item will be discharged to the correct location every time.

Fenner Precision Polymers [Booth: S5344]

Eagle XLD O-Rings

The XLD belt utilizes two patents, one for a bi-modulus technology that allows for more load transfer and longer life, and the second for the shape of the belt, which allows for a continuously reinforced belt to get all the advantages of the bi-modulus technology. Because of the materials used in the belt, the performance far exceeds that of conventional O-rings and is a direct replacement.

Flexcon Container [Booth: S1822]

Flexcon Sprinkler Tote

Flexcon’s patent pending ASRS tote saves clients millions of dollars per facility by drastically reducing the amount of fire suppression equipment needed. This is achieved by designing a tote that acts like a sprinkler head in draining and spreading water. This innovation adds a feature to robust ASRS Totes that dramatically enhances the effectiveness of existing fire suppression systems in major distribution centers at no additional cost. These totes have all of the attributes and perform all of the functions required of totes by highly automated robotic storage and retrieval systems while saving clients millions of dollars and months of construction time. Multiple patent applications are currently pending on this innovation.

Geekplus America, Inc. [Booth: N7307/N7507]


As an award-winning, goods-to-person picking solution, PopPick is the only smart option on the market that can handle containers of many shapes and sizes and coordinate inventory during idle time. Because of its all-in-one capabilities, PopPick system revolutionizes order fulfillment and equips companies with the latest technology to optimize warehouse operations and meet increased consumer demands.

GreyOrange Inc. [Booth: S3353]

GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform – open API

The open API integration of GreyMatter makes it easy for any robotics manufacturer to partner with us and be part of GreyOrange’s ‘platform of choice.’ GreyMatter API is an answer to the global demand for flexible, automated fulfillment solutions that meet customers’ specific needs without limiting them to a single vendor’s scope.

Guangdong Jaten Robot & Automation Co., Ltd. [Booth: N9425]

Jaten Intelligent Airport Cargo Logistics Solution

The solution connects the airport’s air cargo information service platform, integrates supply, demand, inspection and other information, and applies AGV robots in the business process to computerize the workflow and achieve unmanned operation, forming an intelligent entity composed of robots and software that can produce data by itself.

HAI Robotics U.S.A. Inc [Booth: N7900]

A42T Autonomous Case-picking Robot

Historically, automation has been able to provide speed, density or flexibility. In recent years, modern goods-to-person technologies are able to provide two of the three critical elements to automation. The A42T is the first technology to provide all three: speed, density and flexibility, to the warehouse.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc. [Booth: S3350]

SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper

The simple fact is that static bumpers fail. Period. And the busier the dock, the sooner they fail and damage occurs. The SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper’s patented mechanism eliminates bumper wear-and-tear with such efficacy that we guarantee them for life. And, though unlikely, if a replacement pad is ever needed, a new one can be swapped in about a minute with no tools or training.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc. [Booth: S3350]

The Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0

It can be like rush hour in a busy loading dock, and putting workers out to fend for themselves among the trucks and trailers is not the safety experience many companies are hoping for. The No Boots on the Ground® Shuntable 2.0 is an excellent, additional layer of safety designed to save lives and make the loading dock an efficient link in the supply chain.

Kaleris [Booth: S3584]

Kaleris Yard Management System: Driver pre-check-in app & kiosks; Enterprise Visibility Suite

The combination of a new driver pre-check-in app and gate kiosks directly connected to the Kaleris YMS empowers facilities to maximize productivity through automated and time-saving practices for both inbound and outbound yard shipments. Using these innovations, facilities can reduce check-in time per arrival by over 80% while also accelerating gate velocity, reducing wasted effort, providing clear information and greater convenience to visiting drivers, and reapplying limited human labor to higher-value tasks. The Enterprise Visibility Suite consolidates data across all yard sites running the Kaleris YMS in a company’s network for single-pane visibility into their capacity, accessorial charge management, inbound processing and more, providing the KPIs to support exception management to generate the best outcomes across the network.

Kargo [Booth: S4947]


Kargo is the only tool that uses computer vision to capture freight information—pallet labels, condition and dimensions—and turn it into accurate, actionable data. This technology is fundamentally changing shipping and receiving while creating a new source of real-time data and visibility.

Kivnon Logistica S.L. [Booth: N7154]

6 River Systems Mobile (6RS Mobile)

The introduction of the 6RS Mobile app dissolves one of the more common issues associated with implementing AMRs in a fulfillment operation: having to set up, maintain and manage staffing across multiple systems due to product and warehouse operating factors that are incompatible with the AMR platform. The 6RS mobile app has a similar user interface to Chuck and can be paired with a wide range of picking devices, from carts to forklifts, allowing logistics providers to leverage the great benefits of AMRs while using a single system to fulfill all order types in all operating environments.

Konecranes [Booth: S154]

Konecranes Automated High-Bay Container Storage (AHBCS)

The solution addresses common problems faced at distribution centres/logistic hubs with high demand on container management by capitalizing on efficiency, space and processes through automation, container stacking (up to 12 loaded/14 empty containers) and a retrieval/access time of 2-3 minutes. The system eliminates truck yard congestion, thus improving safety and ensuring fast truck turnaround times, significantly reducing trucking costs and pollution in the area.

Locus Robotics [Booth: S2503]

Locus Robotics Max AMR with Conveyor Top

The Locus Max AMR with Conveyor Top, controlled with Locus’s innovative mobile UI, makes it easy to move and handle large capacity high weight materials in the warehouse. By eliminating the need for forklifts to move and hand off heavy payloads, Locus Max improves warehouse productivity and workplace safety.

Locus Robotics [Booth: S2303]

Locus Robotics Vector AMR with Fixed Shelf

Locus Vector FS expands Vector’s versatility to deliver innovative, high-efficiency material handling and warehouse logistics automation across a wider range of material handling scenarios and product types. With higher payload capability, omni-directional mobility and compact design, Locus Vector makes working collaboratively and safely alongside workers and in crowded spaces seamless, optimizing productivity and increasing throughput speed, while improving worker ergonomics and workplace quality.

MADE4NET [Booth: S3191]

Made4net SCExpert

While most supply chain execution solutions are built from multiple and various integrated products that complement each other, the SCExpert Suite was built from the ground up on a single and common platform to drive supply chain convergence. The SCExpert Suite is built from a network of independent microservices that can be accessed asynchronously through an API. Each of these services is responsible for a business process and can be executed separately, as well as part of a platform orchestrated component. Having WMS, TMS, YMS, LMS and more all built on a shared platform with a shared user interface and a single business logic is unique in the supply chain industry.

MasterMover, Inc. [Booth: N6536]

PS3000+ MultiLink Electric Tugger

Our PS3000+ remote-control, pedestrian-operated electric tugger can move heavy loads (99 tons in weight) and large objects (exceeding over 100m in length) in very tight indoor production facilities.

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. [Booth: S1749]

Total Control Access Roly® Safety Gate

The Roly Total Control Access Safety Gate is a dual-gate system but the gates don’t operate in tandem; instead when one gate is open, the other stays fully closed and is prevented from opening until the other fully closes, providing a barrier at elevated ledges at all times. With fully-automatic operations, employees have no-touch fall protection systems that integrate with warehouse WMS and automated equipment.

New Dawn Warehouse Execution Software (WES) [Booth: S4379]

Horizon WES Pre-Installation “1M Transaction Testing”

The Horizon WES utilizes its integrated emulators to complete a “1M Transaction Testing,” for every customer’s site and application. The emulators mimic the hardware systems external devices (PLCs, scanners, sensors, etc.), to detect long term fatal flaws such as database creep and memory leaks, etc.

NORDOCK [Booth: N6719a]


TLH RETROFIT solves end loading issues with precise lip extension. Safety is increased by horizontal storing, improving line of sight and eliminating stuck truck without compromising the dock seal.

Oceaneering Mobile Robotics [Booth: S3847]

MaxMover™ CB D 2000 Counterbalance Forklift

The MaxMover™ CB D 2000 is a fully autonomous, self-driving forklift that does not require additional infrastructure investment to operate. Using natural-feature navigation for greater flexibility, it replaces manual forklifts and automates internal logistical processes.

OE Attachments [Booth: S2316]

KAUP Smart Load Control

Smart Load Control clamps function without intervention in the forklift hydraulic system. The system is completely contained within the attachment and only requires a DC voltage supply along with standard hydraulic functions.

Optimal Discovery LLC [Booth: S2516]

Optimal Picking

Optimal Picking is the first solution that merges all the features needed to truly optimize picking operations: pallet/cart design, voice picking and 3D images to guide pickers. With Optimal Picking, even novice pickers can build perfect pallets in record time.

PALLITE Inc. [Booth: N6653]

PIX™ XL Bin Box

Customer’s are coming to PALLITE Inc. for a more durable option to their existing corrugate boxes stacked in warehouses. PALLITE Inc storage bins are incredibly durable with the ability to store various sized SKUs from smaller apparel to larger more bulky products. The option to have from 3 up to 400 pick faces across each twin unit is a huge benefit. Manufactured in Milwaukee to short leads times and with no tools or installation team required.

Pendant Automation [Booth: N6004]

Revolution Street WXS

The WXS uses modern languages and methods that align with modern technology. Browser based with many features that put the power of WCS/WES in control of the user.

PIXSelect Technology Inc. [Booth: N8732SP]

PIXCount Goods by AI Cameras

AI Cameras detect all truck movements and counts parcels automatically from CCTV cameras.

ProGlove [Booth: S4971]

Insight Visibility

Locate all your ProGlove scanners to avoid the loss of your devices and effortlessly update them over the air.

Regal Rexnord [Booth: S4141]

ModSort® Trident Mobile 3-Way Sorter

The ModSort® Trident provides a safer and quieter alternative to pneumatic-powered conveyance systems using low-voltage, rollerball belt technology that enables omnidirectional control of numerous package types, shapes and sizes, at weights up to 50 pounds. ModSort® Trident is a flexible and scalable solution that installs in under a week and accommodates future changes in throughput demands, additionally featuring an updated HMI screen for enhanced functionality and user-friendliness.

Seegrid [Booth: N7120]

AMR Interoperability: Cart Loading and Unloading with Seegrid Palion Lift and Tow Tractor

Previously a time-consuming and manual task, Seegrid Palion Lift and Palion Tow Tractor now work in combination to load and unload carts with no human intervention required. Through this innovation, Seegrid is extending the reach of automation for our customers.

Sevensense Robotics AG [Booth: N8539]

Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit

The Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit allows mobile robot manufacturers (AGV/AMR OEMs) to test 3D Visual Navigation technology quickly and easily on their own vehicles, with no need for in-depth computer vision and Visual SLAM expertise. The Evaluation Kit allows for dramatic drops in integration costs and time when integrating Visual SLAM and advanced navigation features in new AMR prototypes to familiarize with the technology.

SOTI Inc. [Booth: S4072]

SOTI MobiControl (Indoor Location)

With Indoor Location, organizations can also protect the health of employees and the safety of data. For example, if someone enters a hazardous area (such as a forklift crossing zone in a warehouse), they will receive an alert on their device instructing them to leave the area immediately. If someone enters a room to meet with external guests, the device locks down to prevent accidental exposure to sensitive data.

Stoecklin Logistics Inc. [Booth: S4944]

Stoecklin CasePicker

Conventional manual picking of crates and cartons is inefficient, wastes valuable time and labor resources, is not ergonomic, requires heavy lifting and repetitive tasks and leads to inaccuracies and higher costs. The Stoecklin CasePicker addresses all these pain points with a new robotic case picker designed specifically for multiple temperature environments.

Strong Hold [Booth: S5180]

Access Control Industrial Storage

Launching a variety of access controls across 220 SKU’s allowing for the most customizable industrial storage solution in the market when looking at a variety of access control options.

TeamViewer [Booth: N9825]

TeamViewer AiStudio

AI holds huge efficiency potential for companies, but it is involving great IT know-how today—it is difficult to deploy and to make use of it in an easy way and simultaneously achieve a reasonable ROI. With AiStudio, TeamViewer offers an easy-to-use, configurable access to AI technology in the field of object recognition that does not require in-depth specialized IT knowledge.

The Joy Factory [Booth: N9517]

aXtion® Volt

What sets aXtion® Volt apart is its design to protect the tablet against accidental drops and inclement weather and that it seamlessly connects, via pogo pin technology, to its full line of docks, cradles and mounts. It is the perfect solution for employees in the field utilizing tablets to keep them connected and engaged.

Vanderlande Industries, Inc. [Booth: S603]

ADAPTO Shuttle

ADAPTO roams levels and aisles independently of lift platforms to enable true 1:1 picking, accuracy is ensured, and orders are never accidentally combined. The ability to sequence within the ADAPTO system allows for a smaller footprint and increases the storage capacity of DCs. This permits the stocking of more SKUs and increases the overall velocity of fulfillment operations.

Versacart Systems [Booth: S4562]

EZtote® 5210

The EZtote® 5210 is an innovative high-capacity Bin Picking Cart System that offers versatility, exceptional maneuverability and space saving nesting. It allows retailers to meet the growing and changing demands of the market without sacrificing valuable retail or backroom space.

Veryable, Inc. [Booth: S3478]

Labor Intelligence

Labor Intelligence helps businesses identify the exact daily labor needed to be able to efficiently scale up and down with demand. This tool integrates with the business’s timekeeping and operational systems to provide a holistic view of a company’s entire workforce while also automating its labor needs.

Warehouse Design, Inc. [Booth: S5312]

DA-ViDe-IT Patented Soft Rack Divider

The Patented Soft Rack Divider is a brand new design of an existing product. Its advanced properties not only protect workers and products, it is lightweight, easy to store, can be adjusted and much more.

Wieland Electric Inc. [Booth: N7953]

podis Motor Starter 5 HP

Motor starter for multiple motor sizes with integrated safe torque off.

ZELL Group [Booth: N9833]

ZELL Factory System

ZELL Factory System is highly innovative since it solves several challenges at once. It is more cost-effective than any other parts carrier system. It protects parts better than any other metal carrier system since ZELL uses a polymer solution, and it allows automation because the carrier system is fully standardized in sizing. It can go into an industrial washer, run on a conveying belt, and can be used for warehousing purposes.

Best IT Innovation

FORTNA [Booth: S1947]

FORTNA OptiSlot DC Featuring Digital Twin Technology

FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ slotting optimization featuring digital twin technology pairs the visual replication of the warehousing environment with combinatorial, deterministic algorithms that provide the most optimized slotting solution. In addition to validating solutions with the digital twin, detailed reporting offers quantifiable data featuring performance KPIs, timing for ROI and the bottom-line dollar values needed supporting solution selection and optimal work plan implementation.

Honeywell Intelligrated [Booth: S618a]

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Warehouses | Asset Performance

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Warehouses | Asset Performance combines control system data and machine level sensors to provide historic trends and actionable insights enabling users to track and improve overall equipment efficiency.

Honeywell Intelligrated [Booth: S618a]

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Warehouses | Site Performance

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Warehouses | Site Performance is designed to enable operations managers to understand how they are tracking against performance and make critical, informed decisions to stay on plan in real-time. Utilizing digital twins and Honeywell’s AI/ML muscle, the software helps identify bottlenecks and generates actionable recommendations. Our users can benchmark and plan their site by areas, shifts and workers in real time, so that the software always measures performance according to their specific goals.

Honeywell Intelligrated [Booth: S618a]

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Warehouses | Workforce Intelligence

Workforce Intelligence uses IoT and other technology to collect data from operational systems, workers and devices in real-time, provides tools to identify bottlenecks and mitigate risk, and is customizable and adaptable to fit different use cases within the supply chain operation.

Instawork [Booth: N9713]


As the tight labor market continues to plague warehousing businesses across the country, Instawork’s flexible work platform has revolutionized the way businesses find and connect with reliable workers. This technology has also completely changed how millions of workers are achieving a work schedule that best works for their personal needs and financial goals.

Keen Research [Booth: N9827]

KeenASR SDK for On-device Speech Recognition on Mobile Devices

The SDK provides robust speech recognition performance in noisy environments, as well as cost-effective and scaleable way to voice enable enterprise mobile apps.

LogistiVIEW [Booth: S3368b]

LogistiVIEW Resource Planning with Order Orchestration

LogistiVIEW Resource Planning with Orchestration (WRPO) is taking workforce management and order selection to the next level by automatically planning and replanning in real-time based on projected and actual order mix, outbound schedules, workforce performance and other constraints

Lucas Systems, Inc. [Booth: S3775]

Lucas Systems Dynamic Work Optimization

Lucas Dynamic Work Optimization is AI-based software that dramatically reduces warehouse worker travel, increases picking accuracy, and generates immediate productivity gains without changing systems.

OneRack [Booth: S2882]


OneRack uses computing power to utilize the most cutting edge technology in structural engineering, and tailors it specifically for storage rack design. Along with that, OneRack is simply the only of it’s kind—there is no other rack design software that is available to the public.

Optimal Discovery LLC [Booth: S2516]

Optimal Warehouse

Optimal Warehouse brings efficient SKU slotting solutions to users of all experience levels. The realistic 3D model of the warehouse supports the review of multiple indicators using innovative visualization tools.

Peakboard America Inc. [Booth: N9619]


We want to enable people in companies to make better decisions, optimize their processes, and to be able to manage them more efficiently. All over the world, people are concerned with one central question: Where are we standing in our processes right now and where should we actually be standing? The answer is communicating process data in real time.

  • Individual: customizable for every workstation
  • Flexible: Interactive solutions for all interfaces and applications
  • Efficient: Lightning-fast, automated processing and communication in real time
  • Decentralized: Independent data visualization, no central server required

ProGlove [Booth: S4971]

Insight Analytics

Add a bottom-up view to narrate the true story of your shopfloor!

SOTI Inc. [Booth: S4072]


With SOTI Snap, businesses can improve employee and customer experience and reduce data loss. For example, it allows organizations to share information and training materials with rich media support. Business leaders can train workers remotely and present information by building mobile apps with embedded webpages, images and videos.

SVT Robotics [Booth: N7148]


AppDirectory eliminates barriers to automation by providing a platform where automation seekers can educate themselves on all available technologies and their respective capabilities. Visitors to the site can also review common use cases to understand how each technology can be deployed in tandem to drive the ultimate solution for efficiency, throughput, safety and other business goals. In turn, by qualifying best-customer opportunities, AppDirectory strengthens the go-to-market efforts of technology vendors by helping them easily find stronger project matchups to accelerate their sales cycles.

Synkrato [Booth: N6256]

Slotting algorithms powered by digital twin data

Synkrato AI-driven slotting connects with cutting-edge digital twin technology to continuously optimize material flow. Any inventory variation is immediately identified and analyzed using artificial intelligence.

Synkrato [Booth: N6256]

Synkrato warehouse digital twin

Synkrato simplifies artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) and makes these technologies available to supply chain professionals to create reliable, resilient and scalable warehouses. Synkrato digital twin presents two key innovations:

  • A digital twin that connects to and automatically receives live data, so it always represents its physical warehouse and can provide recommendations and actively monitor products, assets and resources (as opposed to static digital twins).
  • A no-code digital twin. Built on the Unity gaming platform, users create a warehouse digital twin without coding or IT skills.

Synkrato [Booth: N6256]

Mobility apwp for inventory management

Synkrato mobility provides a simple and accessible solution to track inventory for total warehouse management. It can be used for multiple warehouse functions by connecting to any desired software and transferring inventory data (as opposed to being limited to the most common ERP systems). Additionally, Synkrato mobility has been designed to be a no-code platform, so users can create new forms by simply dragging-and-dropping fields.

UBIQUICOM [Booth: N9026]


SYNCHRO uses a solid mathematical foundation that leverages AI algorithms by performing multivariate real-time optimizations to minimize the distance performed with unloaded forks, maximize throughput and resources usage, reduce collisions and meet service’s cut-offs.

The SYNCHRO innovative approach relies on an assisted modelling of the warehouse (aerials infrastructure and radars mounted on the forklifts), AI algorithms for task optimization and a real-time management of context changes and scheduling mismatches.

Vsimple [Booth: N8524]


Vsimple has created a “behind-the-scenes” capability combining rules, automations, notifications and reporting to create unique operating systems for each customer. The result: best practices aren’t just defined, they’re embedded in the way work gets done.

Yard Management Solutions [Booth: S4375]

Yard Management Solutions Command Center

The YMS Command Center is a new centralized control module that provides the actions and information that are critical for companies that have outgrown their manual tracking systems. On a single screen, users can view the health of their entire operation, track KPIs and fix potential issues with the click of a button, avoid detention fees, send critical alerts, automate yard tasks and so much more. Best of all, the YMS Common center intelligently notifies management of blind spots and cost-causing issues, making it not just a helpful resource, but a must-have for operations who want to bring their shipping yards into the 21st century. The YMS Command center joins Yard Management Solutions suite of award-winning software tools that includes: enterprise-wide visibility, dock scheduling, gate check-in, yard driver management, robust reporting and more.