MHI Industry Groups — Tailored to Fit

MHI’s Industry Groups are its lifeblood—some dating back to the association’s earliest days when it took on the management of several independent trade groups. As the material handling industry evolved over the years, more Industry Groups were formed and now groups are on the horizon to represent emerging technologies.

“Industry Groups are formed so the members can collaborate among competitors,” said Christian Dow, MHI’s executive vice president of membership and industry leadership. “They share statistics and best practices, including how to safely implement products and solutions. Many of the groups are also leading the way by writing standards for their particular products and solutions.”

Last year a new group was launched, The Robotics Group, which focuses on arm robots and solutions, complementing the Mobile Automation Group. In 2021, MHI plans to form another Industry Group for the manufacturers, solutions providers and integrators of technologies that pick, pack, label, scan, dimension, measure, sense and weigh, as well as the software that pulls them together within the warehouse.

“Down the road we’re looking for ways to involve emerging technologies and startups, giving them a home within the Industry Group community,” Dow said. “We want to make sure we’re representing the industry and staying on top of all of the latest technologies and trends.”

Industry Groups also collaborate with other groups to better solve end-user needs.

“All of these groups represent solutions to enhance another solution that would go in a facility,” he said. “MHI is one place where companies can gain access to all of this knowledge among Industry Groups.”

There are 16 MHI Industry Groups, all of which have websites and many of which have educational videos, podcasts, training documents and white papers. Personal insights and little-known facts about a few of them are included below, as shared by leaders in the respective groups who are also directly involved in the front-line activities, decisions and future of the supply chain industry.

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