2022 MHI Innovation Award Finalists Announced

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MHI released the list of finalists for the 2022 MHI Innovation Award. After receiving 121 submissions for this year’s awards, judges comprised of professionals from the material handling and supply chain industry completed the initial vetting process. Four finalists were chosen as the most innovative products in each category: Best New Innovation; Best Innovation of an Existing Product; and Best IT Innovation based on concept, value and impact.

The MHI Innovation Award serves to educate and provide valuable insights on the latest manufacturing and supply chain products and services to MODEX attendees. MODEX 2022 exhibitors were called to submit a new product, product line, technology or service or new application of existing products or technology that create quantifiable and sustainable results in terms of ROI, cost savings, customer satisfaction, etc.

On Monday, March 28, finalists will present their unique solutions to a panel of judges on the show floor at MODEX 2022. The winners in each category will be announced at MODEX on March 30 during MHI Industry Night with Preacher Lawson.

To see more information and learn more about all of the Innovation Award submissions, view the submissions below or visit modexshow.com/innovation-awards.

Best New Product

ABB Robotics [Booth: B4004]

GoFa™ CRB 15000

GoFa’s design is a departure from the look of traditional industrial robots, narrowing the boundaries between industrial and consumer products. It employs slim, straight arms that give the cobot a user-friendly yet strong appearance, while the advanced use of color, material and finish gives GoFa a modern, sleek look. Its simple arm-side interface design with two buttons and light ring echoes the easy-to-use interfaces of consumer products. This makes it accessible even for first-time robot users more accustomed to consumer technology and who may be unfamiliar with industrial machinery.

Ambi Robotics [Booth: C7094]


AmbiSort is a configurable, AI-powered robotic sorting system that combines robotic dexterity and human-centric design. By leveraging AmbiOS, our advanced simulation-to-reality operating system, AmbiSort is able to pick and pack a wide range of items from day one while increasing throughput by over 50%.

American Battery Solutions [Booth: C5294]

Alliance Intelligent Battery Series

A new innovation in the lithium-ion landscape, The Alliance Intelligent Battery Series—with its highest energy density and highest power handling capabilities on the market, ease of integration, scalability and versatility—is unlike any other on the market.

AWL Automation LLC [Booth: C5497]


A compact and modular all-in-one picking solution. Fast deployable in existing or new warehouse environments. Capable of picking from bulk or chaos and singulating in or onto versatile destinations.

Beckhoff Automation [Booth: B5227]


With Flying Motion and adaptive material handling functionality, XPlanar gives users the freedom to intelligently adapt to constantly changing workflows and shatter all conventional thinking about automated material handling.

Beijing Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd. [Booth: B8828]


As a new, next-generation goods-to-person picking solution, PopPick creatively combines picking and storing of totes, shelves and pallets in one solution. Because of its all-in-one capabilities, PopPick will revolutionize order fulfillment and equip companies with the latest technology to optimize warehouse operations and meet increased consumer demands.

Berkshire Grey Inc. [Booth: B4207]

Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (RSPW)

RSPW systems enable companies to meet labor challenges, lower costs and grow e-commerce fulfillment with their existing workforces and existing operations by leveraging a new type of robotic-assisted automation that does not require major rip and replace of existing infrastructure. Berkshire Grey helps businesses address these challenges by offering solutions to better manage a wide variety of SKUs, address labor availability issues and provide the flexibility to integrate new technology with existing systems to improve operational efficiencies.

Blue Line Battery [Booth: C5297]

Blue Line Modular Lithium-ion Forklift Battery System

Blue Line’s proprietary modular engineering delivers the first truly reliable and serviceable lithium-ion battery in the material handling industry. In addition to superior hardware engineering, Blue Line’s battery systems are also Smart IoT-connected for remote monitoring, diagnostics and analytics, which increases safety and provides valuable performance insights to the customer.

Centerboard [Booth: C4371]

Centerboard Microservices

Centerboard Microservices’ proprietary API solution is unique to the industry in that it offers users, for the first time, affordable access to the technology they need most, providing 24/7 real-time access to operations and instilling peace of mind. The APIs are built as stateless microservices that allow you to use one or many services to provide just the functionality they need. The services also allow tech providers a mocking ability to simplify their clients integration into security groups for data privacy and isolation.

Corvus Robotics, Inc. [Booth: C4871]

Corvus One

For single-deep pallet and carton-level reserve racks, Corvus One can scan barcodes and estimate occupancy about 10x faster than human associates.

Covariant.ai [Booth: C5492]

Covariant AI Robotic

Putwall Robots can be driven by hard-coded programming to achieve classical automation, but modern AI-powered robotics, like the Covariant AI Robotic Putwall, can achieve true autonomy at scale for better efficiency and cost-savings.

DLN Integrated Systems, Inc. [Booth: C4368]


This brand new innovation greatly reduces the need for labor in a high injury task, while providing fast and accurate replication of the historically manual process of removing product from packaging and placing those items into totes. PRODecant can be configured based on a client’s CPM needs and can decant from a conveyor or pallet, and can connect to warehouse software.

EAM-Mosca Corp. [Booth: B8447]


The variable length conveyor system is unique and patent-applied. The fixed length chassis and flexible strap to strap spacing enables a reduction of system length of 48% versus conventional tandem bundling systems, saving floor space. The 33% speed increase enables boxmakers to run their high speed small box production processes at full speed rather than be limited by bundling system speed.

Keeping the small bundles up against each other during transport adds stability. System position at the flexo exit means that the only conveyor stop after the bundles are split is in the strapping position where a prepositioned package stop prevents toppling. This is very different than in tandem strapping systems where multiple starts/stops often upset bundles leading to unplanned downtime.

ELOKON Inc. [Booth: B1904]

ELOcate RTLS System

The product is based on the ultra-wideband wireless solution, also known as UWB. UWB is a highly precise indoor location and positioning technology that, recently, has also been incorporated into the smartphones of the world’s leading smartphone suppliers. On top of the wide range of applications UWB enables, having it incorporated in standard off-the-shelf smartphones provides sheer unlimited innovation potential. In the future, ELOKON can provide an app to be downloaded to your smartphone to ensure that warehouse workers can easily benefit from the safety and productivity improvements ELOcate provides.

EuroSort Inc. [Booth: B3414]

EuroSort Pitch Reducer

The EuroSort Pitch Reducer is innovative because it reduces the length of tray-based sorters by up to 40%. This allows retailers, e-commerce companies, postal carriers, first or final mile carriers, and pharmaceutical companies to fit sorters in locations previously thought to be too small for a unit sorter and prevents the need to move locations or buildings based solely on a lack of space. Alternatively, companies can now fit more destinations in the same space, increasing the size of their pick wave, and making batch picking even more efficient.

Exotec [Booth: C6291]

The Skypod System

Exotec’s signature solution, The Skypod system, utilizes robots that can reach a height of 36 feet to enable high-density inventory storage. The technology increases warehouse throughput up to five times with 2-minute response times for all SKUs. Exotec systems are fully modular allowing customers to deploy in a matter of months and easily expand their systems without interrupting production by simply adding robots, stations or racks. Finally, goods-to-person systems drastically improve working conditions for human operators and foster more sustainable warehouse productivity by reducing highly repetitive, physically intensive tasks such as excessive walking, lifting and bending.

Flexco [Booth: C6468]

Live Roller Belt Endless Splicing System

When used together, the Novitool® Pun M™ NDX Mobile Finger Punch and Aero™ 325 Splice Press reduce total belt repair time from 60-90 minutes to 20-24 minutes to punch and splice. The Pun M NDX features a support table that moves back and forth to re-index the blade, punching quickly and precisely, while the Aero 325 produces the best quality splice in the shortest amount of time from heat up to cool down—18-22 minutes.

Green Cubes Technology [Booth: B7229]

SAFEFlex Charger

CAN communication and voltage detection enables charging of multiple trucks with a single utility connection to lower installation costs and enables decentralized opportunity charging for improved efficiency and decreased infrastructure costs.

GreyOrange Inc. [Booth: B6643]

Ranger™ Assist

Ranger Assist is the accompanying smart robot for the latest optimization in GreyOrange’s GreyMatter™ AI software. GreyMatter dynamically optimizes and orchestrates how order fulfillment workers and robots work together to deliver assisted picking. Enhanced by artificial intelligence, this advanced assisted picking robot enables collaborative picking for faster, more accurate fulfillment, particularly for fast-moving items in e-commerce orders.

Humatics Corporation [Booth: B2007]

Milo Microlocation System

Microlocation enables highly precise location data to be created for robotics, humans, humans and robotics, tooling, and other valuable assets to maximize the ability for real time precise interaction. It leverages radio frequency technology that makes it highly usable for many environments including indoors and in adverse environments like smoke, fog, dust, bright light, certain obstructions like curtains, etc. Use case videos can be viewed on https://humatics.com/products/milo-microlocation-system-2/

Hytrol [Booth: B9411]

ProSort 1400 LP

A heavy-duty designed paired with the precision needed for even small bags and envelopes allows the ProSort 1400 LP to give businesses large advantages in productivity and capability when needing to sort products with broad ranges of weight and size.

Inventus Power [Booth: B1827]

PROTRXion™ Li-ion Batteries

PROTRXion batteries are a unique and innovative power solution for the material handling industry. Featuring a patented mechanical and electrical design, these products were designed to meet an unmet need in the marketplace—a high-performance, standard battery solution that can be a direct lead acid replacement for existing equipment or designed into new equipment requiring smart system integration (telematics, IoT) and upgradeable via software updates.

Kargo [C8099]


Kargo is the only supply chain visibility platform that builds and leverages its own unique data source—a sensing network. The integrated hardware and software product allows Kargo to gather, analyze and operationalize information from the real-world, automating critical processes and increasing accuracy and efficiency, while providing the infrastructure necessary for the next generation of supply chain visibility.

Kívnon LLC [C5488]

Flextag App

Flex Tag a software tool that can run over a PC or smartphone, which allows users to configurate AGV/AMR functions. FlexTag App is a mobile app for Android, intended for creation, management and maintenance of tag databases. Every project might have several zones, and each zone might have several tags. With this tool the user will be able to create and modify them in a user-friendly way.

Since this tool works with NFC technology, one of the main features is the capability to not just manage the tag database, but also to read and record tags on the go. However, you can manage the database without NFC support.

Konecranes [B6711]

Konecranes Automated High-bay Container Storage

This system makes container handling at logistics hubs/distribution centers more efficient by orders of magnitude, while greatly reducing the space needed for container handling. At up to 14 containers high, the storage with built-in docking operations provides access to each container in less than 5 minutes. The system eliminates truck yard congestion, thus improving safety and ensuring fast truck turnaround times, significantly reducing trucking costs and pollution in the area.

Kyungwoo Systech Inc. [B3133]

IVIEW+ (The pedestrian detection camera system with AI technology)

Deep-learning algorithms learn progressively more about the image as it goes through. This deep learning capability enables IVIEW+ to detect various portraits of working pedestrians such as back view, sitting down or partial view. Additionally, the algorithm is designed with high-quality and large-scale datasets from the actual working field. The company has gathered about 75,000 boxed images to upgrade and optimize performance.

Leuze electronic [C4781]

Safety Bar Code Positioning System FBPS600i

The FBPS is the world’s first SAFETY bar code positioning system. As a certified safety product, it combines safety functions up to PL e and position detection features in one unit.

Material Handling Systems Inc. (MHS) [B7255]

Dual robot singulator

Powered by proprietary MHS vision and sensing technology that enables the highest degree of accuracy and precision, the robotic solution is capable of singulating up to 3,000 parcels per hour. As a fast, scalable solution for automating the repetitive task of singulation, the dual robot singulator supports modern parcel operations in addressing unprecedented package volumes and meeting growing customer expectations despite high labor turnover and costs.

Matrix Design Group LLC [C5368]

OmniPro Collision Avoidance System

OmniPro’s innovative application of visual artificial intelligence (Visual A.I.) provides a step change in facility safety, enabling a range of new options only possible through this machine learning technology. Because this is a standalone system that can be “taught” what to recognize and where to look, OmniPro provides a more accurate, easy-to-install and cost-effective collision avoidance solution that should enable all materials handling facilities to increase their safety factor by adding it to their mobile equipment.

MobileDemand [C7391]

xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Software

xDIM Mobile is a patented solution, enabling 3D box dimensioning wherever the box is located, producing data in just seconds. Workers can conveniently measure packages where they are instead of moving boxes to a stationary scanner.

New Age Industrial Corporation, Inc. [B2619]

Pick Cart 3000

Pick Cart 3000 allows distribution center staff to pick various sizes of products using only one cart. This gives the person picking the order more time to pick instead of constantly repositioning boxes and totes while also ensuring more accurate picking.

PAC Machinery [C7291]

Rollbag™ R3200 Fulfillment automatic bagger

This system is the first one on the market to use pre opened bags on a roll as well as poly tubing in order to make a bag. The benefits of poly tubing include lower material costs as well as right-sizing of the bag to the product by changing bag length on the fly, lowering shipping costs and reducing material usage. Be innovative and green when you package with improved sustainable materials for this machine by using our Recylene poly mailer made from a minimum 90% recycled content (20% ocean bound plastic, 20% consumer and 50% industrial).

Phantom Auto [B4428]

Remote Operation Platform for Logistics

Forklift drivers can work remotely now, too. Phantom Auto’s interoperable remote operation platform enables people to remotely operate, assist and supervise all types of material handling vehicles—including forklifts, yard trucks, robots and more—from up to thousands of miles away.

Planiform [C4993]

GOH Hive

GOH Hive is the only single-pick ASRS for garments on hangers in the world. There is no other product on the market that can pick and put away a garment on hanger from a static storage system using vision technology and a robotic arm.

Plus One Robotics [B3627]


Yonder handles exceptions by adding a remote human-in-the-loop, a crew chief, who supports many robots by simply looking at the same image as the robot and clicking on the item to be picked. In seconds, the robot is able to get back to work, and the system gets smarter.

ProGlove [C7694]


For operations that digitize their processes and strive for the next efficiency boost, LEO delivers affordable wearable scanning speed and simplicity.

RAM Mounts [B3227]

GDS® Hardwire Charger with USB Type-C & Dual USB Type-A Ports

This GDS® hardwire charger includes an integrated dual USB Type-A connector for seamless peripheral enablement. Hardwire connection provides a cleaner, decluttered mobile workstation.

RAM Mounts [B3227]

RAM® Tough-Case™ Bundle for Samsung Tab Active3 and Tab Active2

The RAM® Tough-Case™ bundle provides a turn-key ELD-compliant mounting solution. The RAM® Tough-Case™ itself has an integrated expandable chord that allows the use of the tablet while tethered to the power supply.

RAM Mounts [B3227]

GDS® Vehicle Handheld PC Dock with USB Type-C for IntelliSkin® Products

This GDS® Vehicle Dock utilizes ruggedized GDS® Tech™ pogo pins that are specifically designed to ensure universal charging compatibility across the GDS® Ecosystem™.

RAM Mounts [B3227]

GDS® Tough-Dock™ + Dual USB for Samsung Tab A7 Lite 8.7″

The GDS® Tough-Dock™ is a completely modular tablet dock designed to future-proof your solution. Enterprise businesses can minimize their cost by swapping the GDS® Tough-Dock™ body in preparation for inevitable device upgrades.

RightHand Robotics, Inc. [B8622]

RightPick™ 3 industrial robot system

The RightPick 3 system is an innovative product because it is the world’s first autonomous piece-picking solution designed to be integrator-friendly with a configurable, industrialized hardware design, well-defined software APIs and international compliance. It provides system integrators with industry-leading performance, reliability and safety along with the flexibility and tools to jump start their offering of automated piece-picking with confidence and at scale.

RIOS Intelligent Machines [C8290]

RIOS Dexterous, AI-Powered Robots for Factory Automation

RIOS robotic workcells possess unprecedented levels of dexterity, cognitive skills and autonomy, and operate in unstructured environments.

ROEQ [B3003]

ROEQ GuardCom System

The ROEQ GuardCom is a unique new system using a proven and robust coded light sensor technology to enable direct communication between a stationary conveyor station and an AMR. This cost-efficient product is very easy to set up with any conveyor system, delivering instant and reliable communication that results in low cycle time and reduced downtime.

Seegrid [C7685]

Seegrid Palion Lift AMR with 3D Perception Technology

Palion Lift is equipped with the most advanced generation of Seegrid IQ autonomy technology, which fuses data from cameras, LiDAR and machine learning models with Seegrid’s proprietary 3D computer vision system to provide unparalleled situational awareness of what the robot is doing and what is happening around the robot for safe and reliable material handling. Palion Lift is the only lift truck AMR in the market with industry-leading 3D perception, featuring 360 safety at lifted heights and Dynamic Path Planning.

Stow US Inc. [C4292]

stow Atlas® 2D shuttle system

The stow Atlas® 2D shuttle system is autonomous and flexible based on the product makeup (pallet heights and weights) and fully scalable. The system can have different flow pathways and each level with the pallet racking can have a different product height. The shuttles can have the capability to swarm to a specific area to fulfill orders from the system WMS.

Stow US Inc. [C4392]

stow e.scala® micro fulfillment

Our stow e.scala® robots move from level to level via ramps connecting storage levels, just like a car in a parking garage. This means that failure-prone and maintenance-intensive technology—such as lifts and conveyor technology—becomes superfluous. The entry-level threshold into automation with stow e.scala® makes economic sense starting with a system size of 500 containers and can easily be expanded for both capacity and performance at any time. Our sophisticated rail track system connects every point within the warehouse at different levels in a simple and economical way. Neither conveyor technology nor lifts are required, and also no large fenced-off, access-restricted areas.

StreamTech Engineering [B8443]

StreamTech FoldSerter™ Packing Slip Print Fold Insert System

The patented FoldSerter™ system intelligently identifies each order in-motion, prints the accompanying unique packing slip and/or other accompanying documents, while performing 100% scan verification of each page and cross-checking it against the order contents during the insert process. Folderter™ seamlessly interleaves the information and material flow at 1,000 orders per hour (over 16 per minute). Patented (US 10,822,131 B2).

Sunlight Batteries USA, INC. [B7605]

Sunlight KnoWi

Enabling your transition to a new Lithium-powered era! KnoWi’s advanced technological features also use AI and machine learning tools to make recommendations for even more innovative power storage solutions, based on battery and forklift profiles that record data on usage and power consumption. The collected information is aggregated and processed by a special calculator that suggests with the highest accuracy the most suitable Sunlight lithium battery replacement for any type of use.

Systems Loading Dock Equipment [B7345]

myQ Dock Management

Utilizing IoT technology, any company can connect its loading docks to the cloud and monitor loading activity online with myQ Dock Management. Sensors will automatically report activity as it occurs, allowing supervisors to receive that information in real-time and be proactive in responding. myQ also gathers all of that data and calculates it into an array of reports with adjustable parameters, allowing managers to analyze relevant information and make adjustments to their operations.

Tennant Company [B4628]

Tennant T16AMR Industrial Robotic Floor Scrubber

The T16AMR also reduces the total cost of ownership with a robust, industrial-strength platform and design, cleaning varying floor surfaces thoroughly in a single pass with the ability to run multiple routes, back-to-back, without assistance. Onboard cameras, sensors and alarms help maintain the safety of employees working around the machine. Unique to the Tennant AMRs, longer-range LIDAR accommodates larger, open spaces, and onboard diagnostics make maintenance troubleshooting a breeze. With its intuitive controls, touch screens and onboard learning center, the T16AMR is simple to train. After that, all the labor you’ll need to clean your floor is enough time to press the start button.

The Raymond Corporation [B6008]

iWAREHOUSE® Real-Time Location System (iW.RTLS)

The iWAREHOUSE® Real-Time Location System (iW.RTLS) is a tracking, locating and monitoring system that allows users to restrict and control the movements of lift trucks within user-defined zones, which can be created around pedestrian areas or busy intersections, and track personnel and assets in warehouse facilities through accurate geofencing, zoning and tracking capabilities. The iW.RTLS system uses a series of stationary mounted anchors and tags mounted to a movable object—such as Raymond forklifts, pedestrians or other assets—in order to determine the location of an object within a facility.

Vimaan Robotics [C6088]


StorTrack allows warehouses to realize 99.8%+ stored inventory accuracy and visibility, enabling much faster and higher quality order processing than ever before—with minimal labor requirements. Along with reducing labor content and improving picker productivity, StorTrack aids in reducing inventory wastage, customer claims, chargebacks, preventing loss of sales opportunities and overall labor overhead requirement, saving warehouses money and increasing their overall output at the same time.

VisionNav Robotics [C3570]

VNE20 Counterbalanced Forklift AGV

Based on visual driverless system, Counterbalance AGV VNE20(VL) can realize automatic material handling, loading and unloading of materials, inbound and outbound both indoor and outdoor, without changing the existing procedures or infrastructures. Combined with “3Dlaser + visual” navigation, 3D laser perception and servo control technology, VNE20 can achieve ±20mm stacking accuracy and 360° anti-collision.

Wiferion GmbH [C7071]

etaLINK 3000 – Wireless Charging System

etaLINK 3000 is the most important innovation at MODEX 2022 because it defies conventional charging technologies: The system can charge any kind of battery and automatically provides the right power (24 or 48 volts). The system will become the one and only fully automated, maintenance-free energy supply for all industrial e-vehicles and establish a new standard in intralogistics.

Best Innovation of an Existing Product

6 River Systems, Inc [B8832]

Fulfillment Execution System

The Fulfillment Execution System from 6 River Systems has extended its cloud-based software beyond picking to provide complete fulfillment solutions that seamlessly orchestrate multiple picking, sorting and packing methodologies using both fully- and semi-automated solutions.

AGILOX North America, Inc. [B2202]

AGILOX X-Swarm Technology

First truly serverless software solution that enables the AGILOX AMR swarm in real-time to automatically detect and accept jobs, dynamically adapt routes to avoid temporary and permanent obstacles and traffic jams, and balance loads across the entire swarm to maximize utilization and the return on investment.

AutoStore [B7202]

AutoStore Grocery Micro Fulfillment Center (MFC) Solution

The AutoStore Grocery MFC Solution is the fastest, densest and most flexible order fulfillment solution per square foot, enabling grocers to serve more customers profitably and faster with fewer associates than ever before. By combining both hardware and software, AutoStore provides a full-service solution designed to fit and evolve with each grocer’s unique business needs and increase inventory capacity by 4x.

BEUMER Corporation [B5214]

BG Pouch System

The returns process can be significantly simplified by using the dynamic buffer to handle returned items. The process eliminates the need for each item to go back into storage to be re-picked and transferred to shipping.

BEUMER Corporation [B5214]

BG Line Sorter

The BG Line Sorter replaces the sliding shoe discharge mechanisms used in conventional line sorters, with the textured belts and cross-belt discharge technology used in BEUMER Group’s well-known high-speed loop sorters. This innovation enables the BG Line Sorter to extend the handling mix and to sort items ranging from the smallest polybags to duct-taped shipments of car tires, in addition to ensuring accurate positioning of items.

BYD Motors Inc. [C6268]

BYD ECC 32 Forklift

The only vertically integrated forklift. BYD build its forklift around its revolutionary iron phosphate battery and produces its own 200 amp charger. The ECC32 provides up to 7 hours of runtime on just one hour of charge with a safe and maintenance-free battery.

CMC SpA [C6296]

CLASSY by CMC – Stylish, luxury and customised right-sized boxes for e-commerce

Classy by CMC turns brown boxes into a premium packaging in a seamless and efficient automation process. It’s the only luxury box on demand for e-fulfilment made from 100% recycled cardboard. The 3-way-easy perforation allows the box to be opened from the top for an improved customer experience. It is a presentation box rather than a simple carrier. Your packaging can be personalized inside and outside to match with your brand identity or customised with 1:1 marketing message and used as a gift box as well. Classy by CMC uses less corrugated compared to a standard RSC carton and 15% less corrugated compared to any other 3D packaging solution; it reduces volumes by 40%! Smaller boxes mean higher truck density so less C02 emissions during the last mile and less trees cut.

Dematic [B7819]

Dematic Mixed Case Fulfillment

The combination of technologies creates the most effective compact mixed-case handling solution on the market. Managed and operated by Dematic software, the solution uses a digital portfolio that supports different operating modes across sites, connecting operations and scaling for business needs.

EffiMat Storage Technology A/S [B2604]

EFFIMAT Automated

EFFIMAT Automated is the only solution that is able to easily connect other robotics solution no matter the brand, and still meet high speed demands all together on a very small footprint.

Euchner-USA, Inc [C4990]

MGB2 Modular Multifunctional Gate Box Door Locking System

The MGB2 Modular is engineered to provide maximum customization across applications and protocols with changeable options such as EtherCAT P with FSoE or PROFINET/PROFISAFE bus and hot swappable submodules like e-stop, selector switches and key switches.

GMR Safety Inc. [B6851]

POWERCHOCK hybrid wheel restraint system

Using only one restraint, our new POWERCHOCK system secures the widest range of vehicle types at a single dock: semi-trailers, straight trucks and delivery vans, the use of which has increased exponentially with the explosion of the e-commerce and last-mile deliveries (+32.4% growth in 2020 and +15.1% in 2019).

Grenzebach Corporation [B2611]


To the best of our knowledge, the OL1200S is the only undercarriage AGV on the market that combines omnidirectional travel with autonomous container detection and 360° travel range monitoring. The high maneuverability in combination with the autonomous goods carrier detection makes it possible to autonomously pick up displaced goods carriers in a small space—stations and transfer stations are completely eliminated.

Handheld [C8171]

Handheld SP500X ScanPrinter

The unique Handheld SP500X ScanPrinter is the only one in its category. It even created its own new category: the all-in-one, truly mobile, wearable scan-and-print device.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc. [B6419]

Shuntable Trailer Stand

Unlike other trailer stands that must be positioned manually by a dockworker, the Shuntable Trailer Stand is a simpler solution, deployed by yard jockey, keeping dockworkers safe and out of harm’s way.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, Inc. [B6419]

SLIDE-effect™ Dock Bumper

Unlike traditional stationary dock bumpers, the “spring & slide” action allows the bumper to move up and down with the trailer to limit abrasion and extend the life of the dock bumper.

JLT Mobile Computers [C8087]


Up to now—despite the growing importance of Android—rugged Android-based computers have often been merely retro-fitted versions of Windows systems that were not up to the functionality and performance standards of supply chain customers. The JLT6012A™ vehicle-mount computer from JLT Mobile Computers changes all that by providing high-performance, dedicated and state-of-the-art Android technology inside an ergonomic and virtually indestructible housing with all the ports and connectivity required for reliable operation in any environment.

Jtec Industries, Inc. [B8626]

Electric Lift Mother cart

Designed to help reduce ergonomic stress for operators repetitively pushing heavy loads into a mother-daughter tugger cart system.

Kindred [B9235]

Kindred SORT Robotic System

In 2021, the Kindred CORE with AutoGrasp™ platform improved its performance, increasing the sorting speed of all installed SORT robots by 17.2%. Kindred SORT robots also increased their order matching rate to 98.6% and their barcode scan rate by 1.6% to 95.4%, demonstrating the continuous improvement and ROI growth realized over time by multiple installed SORT robots.

Loadhog Ltd. [C6698]

Loadhog Pallet Lid

The Loadhog Pallet Lid is the perfect eco-friendly reusable substitute to single use stretch wrap. It is the most efficient way of securing a pallet, providing cost effective and space saving benefits.

LogistiVIEW [C7266b]

Taskflow™ — Automated Flow Control

Taskflow can accept sparse demand input from an external system, such as an order load, and explode it into a facility-wide work plan, considering all variants and pathways necessary to meet that demand. With control of the model, the workflow and the process engineering detail, Taskflow is uniquely capable of self-sustaining complex operations with minimal human supervision required, using AI/ML to drive its own improvements every day of operations.

Manitou North America [B7046]

Manitou MC 30-4 Compact Forklift

The MC 30-4 forklift truck offers exceptional crossing capabilities with the ability to switch from 2WD to 4WD. It is powerful, compact, maneuverable and all-terrain, handling your loads with ease no matter the ground conditions (rough, uneven, muddy, or slope-crossing surfaces). The MC 30-4 truck adapts to multiple applications thanks to this great versatility. The operator’s cabin has been enhanced with more ergonomics and greater visibility from all four sides providing extended comfort for long hours. Optimize your operations and check out the Manitou MC 30-4 at MODEX 2022!

Milvus Robotics [B909]

Milvus Robotics SEIT1500S AMR

As a heavy-duty material mover, the new SEIT1500S AMR offers exceptional safety features and navigational performance for a wide range of use cases.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. [B7632b]

Muratec Uni-Shuttle, G2P SHUTTLINER Solution for Grocery

Uni-SHUTTLE and SHUTTLINER G2P combination solution is designed to provide high-speed storage, picking and sequencing that combines flexible storage functionality and a high-capacity transport system for moving cases and totes to the G2P SHUTTLINER. This unique system eliminates the need for multi-level conveyors with one-way in/out delivery of goods and handles loads of assorted sizes, delivering high-throughput operations. The energy-saving design uses regenerative power to reduce power consumption by up to 30%. Shuttles across the combined solution travel independently, allowing for easy maintenance without system shutdown and maximum throughput. Space storage is installed on both the storage side and retrieval side that continuously stores/retrieves various loads at the same time. These high-speed shuttles travel independently on each level and move a wide variety of goods received at the same time where group retrieval can be carried out at high speed, delivering shorter cycle times and eliminating complex material flow handling inaccuracies.

Mushiny Robotics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. [C6690]

Mushiny Robot Warehouse Management System: R-WMS

By analyzing the order structure, the system automatically adjusts the types and quantity of SKUs in the manual operation area, so that simple orders composed of pure hot-selling products fall into the manual picking area. And the production capacity can be quickly increased by adding temporary employees to complete the order. The robot picking area focuses on complex order picking, and takes advantage of the system to reduce the order error rate.

Mushiny Robotics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. [C6690]

Mushiny Robot Warehousing Solution

By analyzing the order structure, the system automatically adjusts the types and quantity of SKUs in the manual operation area, so that simple orders composed of pure hot-selling products fall into the manual picking area. And the production capacity can be quickly increased by adding temporary employees to complete the order. The robot picking area focuses on complex order picking, and takes advantage of the system to reduce the order error rate.

ORBIS Corporation [B8419]

400 Trip 40 × 48 Odyssey® HD Open Deck Pallet

The Odyssey pallet is a robust solution with environmental and cost saving benefits due to its long service life of 400 cycles, 36 times the lifespan of a whitewood stringer pallet. Unlike competitive grommets, frictional elements are molded in to provide an innovative anti-slip pallet feature that keeps loads securely in place and reduces risk of load damage during transportation. What’s more, these frictional elements are 100% recyclable, making this pallet even more sustainable.

OTTO Motors [B4824]


OTTO puts its money where its mouth is for battery, powertrain and transmission. The battery in OTTO’s AMRs has 10 times the life of the competition, for example. In production and logistics, the cost of downtime dwarfs that of replacing a battery. The fewer the service events, the better the flow of materials through an operation.

Pallite Inc. [C4872]

PALLITE™ PIX™ Sustainable Storage System

PIX™ sustainable warehouse storage solutions; a first for flexibility. Choose PIX™ for a cost efficient, sustainable storage solution. PIX™ can be designed to each customer’s warehouse requirements to completely maximize the space. It’s suitable for slow and fast moving SKUs. Shelving can feature a 9 degree angle to eliminate SKUs falling from pick faces.

Panasonic Industrial IoT Solutions [B2003]

Logiscend Software 3.0

The addition of BLE technology allows Logiscend users to optimize manufacturing operations by increasing throughput, reducing defects and improving visibility of critical processes. By locating any part at any time with a high degree of accuracy, Logiscend Software 3.0 provides visibility of bottlenecks and even triggers automated workflows based on small changes in asset location.

Picavi [C7877]

PICAVI COCKPIT — The business

intelligence solution for your logistics The Picavi Cockpit is a new smart application within the Picavi ecosystem that elevates Pick-by-Vision into a valuable data analytics tool for continuous process improvement. Turn big data into smart data in a just few clicks and unleash the full potential of warehouses and distribution centers throughout the supply chain.

ProGlove [C7694]

MARK Display

MARK Display is lightest wearable computer with a display on the market. It is very easy to integrate into your work processes; we work with over 2000 companies including BMW, Volkswagen and John Deere.

RAM Mounts [B3227]

RAM® Universal Hand-Stand™ for 7″-8″ Tablets

The universal RAM® Hand-Stand™ can be quickly attached to any 7″ to 8″ tablet without a case. It includes a 360-degree rotating kickstand for stationary tablet use.

ROEQ [B3003]


This is the first off-the-shelf solution for a MiR AMR that can transport up to 3300lbs/1500 kg, enabling businesses to repurpose compact AMRs to transport larger and heavier items, ensuring cost savings, faster ROI and reduced total cost of ownership. The design and components have been chosen to be robust, safe and reliable for this high payload, and the larger load area and wheel design increases the tilt stability for carrying uneven and bulky loads.

Rufus Labs, Inc. [C8197]

Rufus WorkHero: Superhuman Platform for Supply Chain

WorkHero is the only PaaS (platform as a service) combining wearable barcode scanners, mobile device management and productivity analytics in an all-in-one subscription model for logistics temas. Our combined WorkHero wearable ergonomics and data insights boost productivity by 50% across the globe’s leading 3PLs, manufacturers and retailers.

SAVOYE North America Inc. [C6695]

XPTS Shuttle

The X-PTS shuttle is designed to accommodate up to 55 kg of product weight while navigating temperatures as low as -28°C. This is made possible through heavy duty construction and uniquely designed components.

SlowStop Guarding Systems, LLC® (A division of Impact Recovery Systems, Inc.®) [B3411]

Round Base Rebounding Steel Bollard

The design of this base prevents forklifts and other vehicle from impacting anchor heads while preventing trip hazards. It also uses a spherical shape to improve the strength of the bollard upon impact.

SlowStop Guarding Systems, LLC® (A division of Impact Recovery Systems, Inc.®) [B3411]

Horizontal Bollard Adapter

The horizontal bollard adapter combines the technology of SlowStop’s® rebounding steel bollard with the application of a horizontal beam for the purpose of protecting racks and walls, as well as creating other low barriers that could typically be sheared at the concrete anchorage.

SpaceGuard Products [B6629]

RageWire Robotic Guarding

RageWire’s universal post and independent bracket designs allow for flexible reversible cage configurations. Utilizing only five simple components, RageWire makes it easy to secure, guard and protect your people, products and facility.

Sparck Technologies (Formerly Packaging by Quadient) [C4978]

CVP Everest Automated Packaging Solution

Sparck Technologies’ first model, the CVP Impack, can box up to 500 parcels per hour in as little as seven seconds and, at the same time, offered shippers the fastest proven solution on the market to optimize all steps of parcel fulfillment. Now, the CVP Everest allows shippers to package up to 1,100 parcels in as little as three seconds, keeping up with consumer demands and staying competitive while also increasing shipping efficiencies.

Stoecklin Logistics Inc. [B7656]

Stoecklin CO-PRO

Conventional manual picking of crates and cartons is inefficient, wastes valuable time and labor resources, is not ergonomic, requires heavy lifting and repetitive tasks and leads to inaccuracies and higher costs. The Stoecklin CO-PRO addresses all of these pain points with a new robotic case picker designed specifically for multiple temperature environments.

Sunlight Batteries USA, INC. [B7605]

Sunlight Li.ON FORCE

The Sunlight Li.ON FORCE is quality and reliability based on revolutionary innovation. Our proprietary BMS technology has a number of unique advantages, such as active balancing, which ensures that, during the charging and discharge cycle, there is always equal energy flow between the cells, keeping them at the same voltage levels, optimising end performance and battery life as a system.

T&W Operations Inc. [C5897]

Automated RFID Tower

TIS ER is a completely autonomous robotic RFID inventory system.

Topper Industrial [B4528]

Powered Daughter Cart Ejector

The incorporation of the powered ejector to the Low Profile Mother Daughter Cart improves an already efficient, productive system by making operator handling better. The powered ejector lowers the push pull forces significantly and it increases the weight load capacity.

UgoWork [C4097]

UgoWork Lithium-Ion Energy Solutions

More than just a lithium-ion battery for industrial trucks, UgoWork pairs the advanced technological innovation comprised with its ahead-of-the-curve universal charging infrastructure with industry-forward pay-per-use Energy as a Service (EaaS) financing options. EaaS allows forklift fleet operators to substantially reduce CAPEX and benefit from the service’s embedded guarantees (i.e., fleet uptime, 24/7 technical support, full product lifecycle management). The ROI of EaaS for material handling operations can be achieved in just a few months.

Valley Craft, Inc. [B6619]

Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hopper Forklift Attachment

The first of its kind POWERED self-dumping hopper provides users the safety and productivity they have been asking for. By utilizing a hydraulic actuator paired with a forklift’s auxiliary circuit, operators can now have complete control of the (powered) self-dumping hopper during the entire dumping and retracting process. Users no longer need to leave the safety of the forklift cab/controls to manipulate a manual self-dumping hopper in order to get it to actually dump, using a variety of unsafe methods. Valley Craft’s Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hopper provides complete control of your dump, keeps employees in a safe position using only the convenient forklift controls, improves the speed and productivity of your dumping, and limits liability by following necessary OSHA guidelines (Rule29CFR1910.178(m) (5)(iii)).

Versacart Systems [C6091]

EZtote® 5210

The EZtote® 5210 is an innovative high-capacity bin picking cart system that offers versatility, exceptional maneuverability, and space saving nesting. It allows retailers to meet the growing and changing demands of the market without sacrificing valuable retail or backroom space.

Best IT Innovation

Big Ass Fans [B4229]

SpecLab With SpecLab, a customer no longer has to guess how to provide a comfortable, safe, healthy indoor air environment. Our products and their proprietary data can all be input into the software, be analyzed in minutes and deliver accurate results.

Configura, Inc. [B6648]

CollabPro for CET Material Handling

Propose on projects faster, save time by eliminating redraws and have all your departments work in the same program—even the same drawing and project—at the same time. CollabPro for CET Material Handling opens new, previously unheard-of possibilities for cross departmental teamwork.

DLN Integrated Systems, Inc. [C4368]

EYS Select

EYS Select is an AI-powered computer vision system that allows for truly autonomous depalletization of challenging pallets without any end user interaction or training.

Manhattan Associates, Inc. [C7676]

Manhattan Active® Transportation Management

Manhattan Active Transportation Management is the industry’s fastest and smartest multi-modal transportation optimization engine. It has also been fused with Manhattan Active Warehouse Management to optimize inbound and outbound planning and execution, introducing an unprecedented level of flexibility, agility and problem-solving capabilities.

SAVOYE North America Inc. [C6695]


IMPULSiO was built with optimization as a core architectural goal, allowing customization without the high risk or increased cost associated with monolithic architectures often found in WMS and other industry WES products.

Siena Analytics [B2707]

Siena Insights

Siena Insights seamlessly integrates no-code AI developed specifically for logistics to accelerate business outcomes of vendor compliance and automated warehouse operations. Collect six-sided package images and dimensional data from any of your scan tunnels, apply AI inferences unique to your business model and share automated alerts for anomaly detection for complete visibility of your entire supply chain.

SVT Robotics [B8260]

The SOFTBOT® Platform, from SVT Robotics

The SOFTBOT Platform was built with ultimate flexibility and supportability in mind. Once we’ve designed and added a SOFTBOT connector to the platform, it can horizontally scale to meet the varying demands of even the largest enterprises, in only days or weeks versus months or years for traditional integrations. The SOFTBOT Platform abstracts much of the industry knowledge required to get started with designing warehouse and automation solutions so companies can focus on what’s critical to their business and let SVT Robotics handle the rest.

Systems Loading Dock Equipment [B7345]

myQ Dock Management

Utilizing IoT technology, any company can connect its loading docks to the cloud and monitor loading activity online with myQ Dock Management. Sensors will automatically report activity as it occurs, allowing supervisors to receive that information in real-time and be proactive in responding. myQ also gathers all of that data and calculates it into an array of reports with adjustable parameters, allowing managers to analyze relevant information and make adjustments to their operations.

Veryable, Inc. [C6093]

On-Demand Labor Marketplace

Using Veryable, businesses can build a local labor pool of qualified workers who can be accessed on an as-needed basis. This empowers businesses to spend less money on guesswork by enabling fast reactions to changes in demand.

Yard Management Solutions [C5880]

Yard Management Solutions Connect

In the past, yard management systems were viewed as ‘nice to have’ tools, limited in scope to trailer tracking. Today, Yard Management Solutions provides a must-have YMS suite that includes enterprise-wide visibility, dock scheduling, gate check-in, yard driver management, robust reporting and more. With YMS Connect, organizations can extend these award-winning YMS tools to track every hardware and software system through a single interface.